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McNett Outdoor Out-Go Micro-Fiber Towels by McNett Outdoor Gear

McNett is the manufacturer of a wide variety of helpful products that have all been engineered to provide the user with the ability to adventure in a way that was never before possible. Not only have they been tested in the most rugged conditions, but they are sure to thrive in whatever extreme conditions you dare to take on. McNett’s collection of gear enables you to keep your body and soul together under testing conditions, get the most out of your gear, and improve your odds against the elements and travel smarter.


McNett Outdoor Out-Go Micro-Fiber Towel at a Glance

McNett Outdoor Out-Go Micro-Fiber Towels are ultra-compact. These towels are lightweight and durable with convenient hanging rings. These can be packed-down to the size of a paperback book and are ideal for backpack, travel pack or luggage. The microfiber weave dries faster than standard towels and makes these towels super absorbent. Also, these towels can hold up to 5 times their weight in water.


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