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Olight Javelot Tactical Flashlight Series by Olight Flashlights

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Olight Flashlights offers an assortment of superior-quality flashlights and their accessories. Olight is a technology-driven lighting firm that has a team of dedicated employees who aim at providing their customers with quality products. It provides a variety of different products for you to conquer the dark nights.


Olight Javelot Tactical Flashlight Series features a range of tactical lights that are loved by travel enthusiasts. These flashlights have an aluminum construction that ensures durability and abrasion resistance. The illumination tactical gear has different brightness level modes that provide different degree of lumens with different runtime. These flashlights are impact and water resistant and provide a lifetime of experience. These rechargeable lights feature lanyard and a clip that can be tied on the wrist or can be hooked on the bag pack. The Olight Javelot Tactical kits contain battery magazine, holster, diffuser, O-rings, and user manual. These flashlights also have hard side carrying case that ensures protection while you carry them along. Olight Flashlights are known for the superior construction of their products and outstanding performance of their products.


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