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Realtree Pistol Cleaning Kits by Realtree Pistol - Rifle - Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Realtree Knives was founded in 1986 by Bill Jordan who was highly inspired by the camouflage revolution and wanted to try the same designs in his creations. Bill started using the pattern on garments including T-shirts and started selling them, but that business did not work due to low-profit margins. So, he decided to use these patterns on fishing and hunting tools and resulted to be the leading hand-tools manufacturer. Realtree have operations in Columbia, Georgia, and Europe. Along with manufacturing knives, Realtree offer different cleaning kits for different guns including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.


Realtree Pistol Cleaning kits are manufactured in China. The foldable kits are made of titanium alloy with brass cleaning brush and cotton mops. The cleaning kits are perfect for treating .22 and .45 caliber pistols. The pistol cleaning kit feature pull handles with 10 tools bits. Most of these cleaning tools come with nylon Realtree camo compatible storage case for easy storage and transportation. Most of these kits are pink with camo designs and are made to Vargo titanium funnel flask and patented designed funnels to easily pour liquid cleaners while cleaning the guns. The kits have reliable fasteners for easy application.


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