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Meyerco Machetes by Meyerco Knives

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Get the best quality knives from a brand that has established its niche for creating the first ever sharp strut-&-cut knives, bagging the award for ‘The Most Innovative American Design” in the 1997 Blade Show. Its popular knives are constructed utilizing the artistic excellence of Blackie Collins, a famous knife maker.


Know about Machetes


Machetes are an extremely versatile tool known for their use in different cutting, and chopping applications. Having an appearance of a little sword, they are as sturdy as they look. This makes them perfect for tasks that cannot be accomplished using normal knives such as splitting of coconut, cutting branches, chopping animals, and even clearing of leaves and branches. 

  • Sharp blade: Known for their extremely sharp blades, they give precision cuts. The blades can be made either of stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • Handle: Working is easier with the machetes as they come with good grip handle with sheath or handguard.


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As an established brand, Knife Country USA specializes in collector’s knives and accessories such as sharpeners and sheaths along with retail gear and accessories. Its wide range of products include hunting knives, camping knives, fishing knives and more. Known for reliability, it provides fast shipping and great customer service. 

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