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Ruger Linerlock Pocket Knives by Ruger Knives

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It was in 1994 that CRKT was established. Perfectly weighted and balanced for a confident grip CRKT introduced innovative designs of knives that are ideal for tactical, hunting, self-defense, camping, and workshop usage. A perfect blend of aesthetic details and sturdy craftsmanship, the Ruger knives has been crafted by the skilled master knife-smiths.


Linerlock Pocket Knives

The Linerlock Pocket knives by Ruger knives are highly popular folding with people newbies and enthusiasts. Featuring a side spring bar, these knives are easy to use.  Opening and closing mechanism of the knives does not require much efforts too. Using one hand without switching grip is possible only with these Linerlock knives. The knives are ideal for when you need both hands on the job. Pushing the spring bar is what you need to do while using these knives. Most of these knives have a drop point blade and are crafted using stainless steel.


Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable products. Established in 2001 our brand deals in designing the best tweezers, hunting knives, kukris, security equipment and many other outdoor gears. With several years of experience, Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable tools and products.

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