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Zero Tolerance Framelock Pocket Knives by Zero Tolerance Knives

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Zero Tolerance Knives, a brand by Kai USA Ltd, started its line of products with combat knives, expanding it later on to include general use and premium knives as well. The brand was established in 2006 to fulfil the increasing requirements of hard-use knives for military and law enforcement professionals, emergency medical personnel, and firefighters.


Framelock Pocket Knives

The knives that feature a framelock mechanism to hold the blade in position are termed as framelocks, the integral lock, or the monolock knives. Framelock knives were invented as an update to linerlock knives by Chris Reeve. In a framelock knife, a portion of the handle frame is utilized to lock the blade in position. So, as you hold the knife, the locking bar is pressed against the blade, reinforcing the locking mechanism.


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