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Timberline Paracord Belt Series by Timberline Knives

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Timberline has designed many popular knife series that are used extensively for a number of applications. From hunting, combat and survival to self-defense and cutting, the Timberline knives have never disappointed. The company’s journey started in 1989 in New York when John and Nancy Anthon set up the official brand name GATCO. Since then, the company has been contributing majorly to the knife industry. Apart from knives, the company deals in manufacturing of other surgical tools like sharpening systems, hatchets, and related products.


The Paracord Belt Series


The Paracord belt series comprises hand-woven cord belts. Featuring heavy-duty buckles, these belts are available in various finishes and cannot be ruled out when one is travelling with multi-tools and other surgical items. The belt can also be used for everyday wear, like holding up your pants. These hand-woven cords feature weave patterns and, hence, allow for more adjustability. These are of great help in case of emergencies. The two strands can be easily unwoven in such circumstances. These survival belts are available in a variety of colors and designs. The belt can also be used for clipping your knife sheath covers on to them.


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