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Ruger Bolt Action Writing Pens & Pencils by Ruger Knives

Established in 1994, CRKT introduced innovative designs of knives, pens, and pencils that are engineered using the latest technology. The Bolt Action Pen series by Ruger Knives is designed by Brian Fellhoelter. Ruger Knives is focused on bringing affordable, rugged and reliable products to its customers.


Bolt Action Writing Pens & Pencils

The Ruger Bolt Action Writing Pens and Pencils is an exclusive range that includes machined anodized aluminum body articles. The bolt action opening and closing, pocket clip, Fisher space Pen black ink cartridge makes the pens a favorite amongst people who use pens frequently. The pens and pencil usually do not need refill and hence can be used for a longer period of time without any hassle. Designed for easy one-handed operation, the pens and pencils stays with you for years to come. Featuring a smooth grip, these definitely reduce the fatigue that occurs due to continuous use.


Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable products. Established in 2001 our brand deals in designing the best tweezers, hunting knives, kukris, security equipment and many other outdoor gears. With several years of experience, Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable tools and products.