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Ruger 2-Stage Knife Series by Ruger Knives

Ruger Knives by CRKT includes a wide variety of knives that can be used for self-defense, camping, hunting, tactical, and workshop usage. Having set up in 1994, CRKT manufactures knives that have a progressive design and caters to the need of all its customers. A perfect blend of aesthetic details and sturdy craftsmanship, the Ruger knives has been crafted by the skilled master knife-smiths.


2-Stage Series

Usually comprising of folding framelock knives, the heavy-duty 2-Stage Series by Ruger Knives are versatile. Featuring strong locking bar and functionality, the knives are easy to operate. Having similarity to line locks, closing a framelock appears to be the same. These framelock knives come in a variety of blade designs, right from standard edge to serrated edges and can be used for myriads of purposes. Typically engineered from titanium and stainless steel, these can be operated using one hand. Be it slicing, cutting, or completing any heavy-duty task, 2-Stage Series knives are ideal for everyday carry.


Knife Country USA

Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable products. Established in 2001 our brand deals in designing the best tweezers, hunting knives, kukris, security equipment and many other outdoor gears. With several years of experience, Knife Country USA offers a range of reliable tools and products.