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Quarter Master Knives Mr. Furley Series by Quartermaster Knives


Known for its advanced powder metallurgy technology, Quarter Master Knives manufactures blades with edge retention and knives that are corrosion-resistant. These blades are easy to re-sharpen and maintain. Founded as a single-stop shop in Austin, the company now runs shop and satellite 6 days a week to cater a wide-spread clientele in different sectors including contractors, operators, and collectors. Some of its supplies are for prominent organizations like NRA, King’s Arsenal, Explosive Currency, and Sig Sauer. 


Mr. Furley Series – Titanium Framelock Knives



These are easy to carry knives with a sturdy and secure frame lock mechanism. With single-hand opening and closing operation, the knives do not require reposition when deployed. They are meant for speed and are ideal self-defensive weapons for close-combat situations. With ergonomic handles, they offer tighter grip and better control. Best for cutting, carving, filleting, opening cans, and slicing, these are multi-functional knives meant for utility as well as tactical uses.


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