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Quarter Master Knives Qwaiken Series by Quartermaster Knives

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Founded in Austin, Texas Quarter Master Knives is an OEM manufacturing firm for collectors, operators, and contractors worldwide. Its line of clientele includes popular names like NRA, Kings Arsenal, Explosive Currency, Paramaniac Products, and Austin Weiss. Its powder metallurgy technology is popular for rendering corrosion-resistance and edge retention to the knives. The technology also helps in easing the process of re-sharpening the blade.


Qwaiken Series – Controllable Knives that Hack Anything 


The knives in this series are versatile tools that can be used for multiple utility and tactical purposes. Their liner lock mechanism allows single-hand opening and closing. They can be used for anything from opening a package to cutting cords/wires, slicing fruits, whittling or even as a deadly means of self-defense. They can be used in rescue situations like cutting seat belt to let someone out of a burning vehicle, honing other knives, etc. Their drop point makes them incredible hunting and slicing tools.


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