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Quarter Master Knives General Lee Series by Quartermaster Knives


Quarter Master Knives was founded as a one-stop shop in Texas. Currently, the firm runs shop and satellite 6 days a week, catering to the clients all around the world. With an array of karambit knives, knife lubricants, fixed and folder knives, etc., the company serves some of the prominent organizations such as NRA, King’s Arsenal, Explosive Currency, and Sig Sauer. Quarter Master Knives’ clientele is spread out in different sectors of the market including contractors, operators, as well as top shelf collectors. 


General Lee Series – What makes them special?


The knives in this series feature sharp tanto and wharncliffe knives, making them an exceptional cutter, slicer, and penetrators. Each piece of these knives is milled and assembled by hand to exacting tolerances. Featuring a full-titanium rocker chassis, these knives are unlike any other tactical knife. Potential weapons, the knives in this series can be used against opponent in a close-combat situation.


Knives and other survival tools at Knife Country USA


Knife Country USA is a trusted platform for buying tactical, survival, and rescue products including knives, saws, hammocks, belts, security cameras, multi-tools, training equipment, pepper spray, etc. It procures these products only from leading brands such Micro Tech, Quarter Master, Prandi, Pro Defense, Ontario, and Old Hickory. All of these tools and equipment assure quality.