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Fixed Blade Knives with Spear Point Blades

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A Spear point blade is a slightly complex subject in the enthralling world of fixed blade knives.  The Spear point blade is a like a needlepoint blade that makes for excellent, precise piercing. This blade is symmetrically shaped and has a point aligned with the centerline of the blade's long axis. Accurate spear point blades usually have double edges with a spine in the center that is similar to a dagger.


Why Spear Point Blades?

A spear point blade contains a small belly and its point is much stronger which helps in slicing too. It is one of the stronger, exclusively designed blade points in terms of perforation stress. One might find this trait in some special, thrusting knives and some types of daggers. The spear point blade is a great choice for professional knife users who are looking for the perfect harmony between piercing and slicing. Spear point blades present an unparalleled blend of strength associated with a drop point blade and the mighty point of a fierce dagger. Overall, the spear point blade is somewhat unique—it can impress one either with its, composite design, or its functional traits.


Choose Your Spear Point Blade

The fixed blade spear knife is available in various finishes like one-piece Brushed Finish and one-piece Black Finish apart from popular finishing choices like Satin, Green, Tan, and Bead Blast. These knives are available with various kinds of handles like the Green Micarta, Dessert Ironwood, Finger Groove, and Skeletonizes.


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