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KeySmart is a brand that has one of the most interesting inventories when it comes to everyday carry essentials and accessories. KeySmart is dedicated to creating a very specialized line of products that make everyday life a lot easier. The brand was conceptualized and given a formal shape in 2013. KeySmart started with and remains consistent in, creating small objects that help to organize and perform better in daily life scenarios. The keychain holders and organizers by KeySmart are a prime example of this approach. These items are inherently strong and lightweight. Easy to use, they are intended at making daily-carry items simpler to handle, removing the clutter that makes urban lifestyle chaotic. The products by KeySmart are compact and convenient delivering efficient performance.


The KeySmart Approach


KeySmart started as a self-enterprising effort to make the bulky keyring or key holder lighter and easier to handle, has now transformed into a global brand famous for its lifestyle accessories. KeySmart designs are principally attuned towards one type of innovative approach, i.e. packing more utility despite less space, giving more functionality, despite lesser weight. While KeySmart created the first prototype from lightweight aluminum, more materials have been integrated across an expanding product range that is being expanded with smart additions. KeySmart caters to buyers across the world, with some products being sold in nearly 120+ countries. Not just compact key holders, KeySmart has been integrating some very hand bits to the key organizer, integrating pocket knives, screwdrivers, and other things that are needed at work, home, or even the outdoors. While the urban lifestyle aficionado has been loving KeySmart products for their multi-utility, the outdoorsman and DIY hobbyist recommends these items for their ability to fare better than similar products despite being smaller in size, being brilliantly conceptualized, and still priced competitively despite using the most premium components. Knife Country USA continues to showcase more of KeySmart products, ensuring the typically bestselling items and the latest releases are shared with contemporary buyers, including more support for international shipping.


Recreating Everyday Gear


KeySmart has never been shy of inventing and recreating things that have been billed as being complete, without room for many changes. The entrepreneurial values have remained intact over the years as the KeySmart team continues to design across many verticals, bringing together the expertise associated with tooling experts, knife collectors, outdoor gear specialists, lifestyle accessory designers, and the urban survivalist. One can use KeySmart on their office table or on dashboard. These game-changing products are about making the everyday existence smarter, more evolved, saving precious time and simplifying common chores. KeySmart range of products have been featured on The Verge, GQ, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, and C Net. It is common to find KeySmart items using the best materials in contemporary production, like aircraft grade aluminum. Most of these items have laser engraved logos while the stainless-steel hardware is good enough to handle the most demanding outdoors or negligent handling.  


Understanding KeySmart through its Products


Compact Key Holder: KeySmart is known to most users and future buyers as a key holder specialist. This is true. However, these are not just premium key holding utilities. This is about getting rid of the confusion and discomfort associated with typical key holders. As a result, KeySmart holders are lighter and can handle multiple keys into one simple outline. KeySmart ensures that no matter what size or type of keys you carry, keeping them handy without chunky accessories, noise or jiggling, is easy. KeySmart key holder is a quiet, unassuming performer. It ensures you can find the right key, right away. There is room to customize the key holder. Integrations that are most demanded today include a pocketknife or a bottle opener. This makes the KeySmart holder a multi-tool, an everyday-use essential for the urban warrior out there. Whether you need to cover offsite sales visits, collaborate with distant marketing teams in the outdoors, or juggle different household tasks, this key holder makes life a bit easier. Expect plenty of smart design elements like loop rings for adding car key fob. There is no real assembly or preparation involved. Just choose up to 10 keys you want to carry every day and stash them in the KeySmart key holder without a tool or screws. If you want to gift it, try picking one in a favorite color. Other handy accessories that can make the key bunch set more like a tooling accessory, includes a quick disconnect, pocket clip, and bottle opener—just choose any combination that works for you.


The World's Most Sophisticated Key Organizer: Doing a lot more than any other key holder, this key organizing utility makes normal keys look better, better organized, complete with compact design, and with the promise of fitting a pocket of any size. Faux leather used here is luxurious looking, feels premium, and induces a bit of sophistication to normal, key carry. The nifty loop rings make it easy to add car key fobs. Adding more keys is a breeze. Using a penny, it is easy to unscrew from the side and attach more keys. There is room to accessorize each key organizer, making it more of a multi-dimensional tool. Options include bottle opener, pocket knife, USB drive, or a screwdriver. This is not just updating a keychain but upgrading to a whole new experience. The KeySmart Leather can be a great gifting option too. When used for car key carry, the faux leather matching the leather treatment on the steering or dashboard makes a stylish statement.


Key Holder Smaller than a Pack of Gum: One of the smartest key holders today, the KeySmart Bright takes the key-holding game to the next level with its unique, illumination integration. While the loop piece makes it easy to attach car keys, the presence of a small flashlight ensures identifying the right key is easy. For folks who have found themselves challenged in poorly-lie hallways and doorways and others who often need to navigate dark parking lots, the KeySmart Bright provides an element of key-finding smartness and boosts overall safety too. The key holder is sized to host all conventionally-sized keys. The assembly is quick without any tools. The LED light is easy to click and focus on the keyhole. Holding up to 10 keys, the Bright by KeySmart is as small as a pack of gums. Once deployed, it is easy-to-carry and store in your pockets, office drawers, or car storage spaces. The flashlight plate is made from extra-tough plastics, making it almost shatter & scratch proof. The aircraft aluminum backplate completes the all-round structural toughness. This stainless-steel hardware arrives with the laser engraved KeySmart logo. Custom fitted integration options include a pocket clip, nano pen, USB, screwdriver, etc.


Rugged Key Organizers : KeySmart understands that durability matters to folks taking long commuting hours to the office and those testing themselves against the weather elements out there, in the wilderness. Multi-utility tools like the KeySmart key holder fitted with compact tools make sense in both scenarios. Therefore the KeySmart Rugged takes the toughness aspect to the next level with the use of materials tested for the toughest environments. KeySmart Rugged is the best choice for making key-carry more compact, better organized, clutter-free, safe from misplacement, and a great gifting option for nearly anyone. This key holding accessory is comfortable to carry and comes without complex attachments. It makes the job of identifying different keys a lot easier. The handy additions include a bottle opener or a pocket clip. This includes an assortment of rugged key organizers that come in different colors.


Key Smart Pro: This KeySmart product ensures that losing your keys is no longer possible. Perhaps the only key holder with such technical upgrades, the PRO has the only of its kind, location-finding capabilities. The key organizer comes with Smart Location utility that makes it possible to locate lost keys no matter how crowded the environment seems to be. Key-location capabilities come bundled via the free Tile App that is easy to use. Not just the locater features, the KeySmart Pro also has LED lighting. Other custom options include bottle opener, Micro-USB cable, and pocket clip. For folks who travel a lot, such key holder finders can be a necessity to ensure critical keys are never lost.


KeySmart Urban Backpack: The Urban 21 Commuter Backpack represents the new standards for everyday lifestyle gear – products where discerning users put a premium on the design and ease-of-use. These backpacks are easy-to-carry and are perfect for long commuting hours. Folks traveling to distant workplaces can feel more assured about sweat-free backpacks. For commuters who often encounter outdoor travel with little protection against the weather, these protective backpacks are a smart proposition with their water-resistant performance. The looks are very professional, making these great workplace wear accessories. Multiple compartmentalization with easy-access defines makes this the perfect daily use bag for carrying nearly every type of item, from a laptop to the lunchbox. HexBreathe Back Pad uses comfort foam for ensuring no inconvenience during longer hours of bag-carrying. The porous mesh ventilates sweat, helping the user stay cooler on hot, humid days. Expect features like foam straps to guard against strain along the neck and shoulder. Hardshell compartment means a waterproof case that is very useful when the outdoor elements are rough and unappreciable. ‍This daily carry commuting bag can be carried to the airplane, train, under the rain or sun, and in any condition that seems difficult for other backpacks.


KeySmart Daily Carry & Wallets: This is an assortment of small but vital items that can help users like you manage their daily schedule a lot better. The Daily Carry series includes many items that can be combined with the KeySmart range of key holders and organizers. This includes in-charge options, nano torches, superfast USB charging accessory, quick retraction tools, pocket clips, belt clips, danglers made from metal, folding knives, stylus, nano pen, heavy-duty bottle holder, and some wallet options. The Daily Carry series by KeySmart has been witnessing high traction for card sharp wallet tools and slip clips that help to pack the everyday essentials in a better, more compact form. The wallets in this series are very different from the natural wallet that has a significant presence. In the outdoors and when commuting in heavy traffic, wallets and its prized contents need to be packed and preserved with some smart concealing. Therefore, KeySmart wallets are preferred. They pack the cash and cards that are needed as a part of daily travel. Compact design means the ability to fit any wardrobe selection for the day.


KeySmart KEYCATCH: This is perhaps the only key holder dispensing unit of its kind. The KEYCATCH has many forms and provides versatility. For instance, it can be installed on any light switch. This means a centralized location for all the key holders at home. Holding up to 3lbs, such key organizing supplies are unique with very little competition out there. While most KEYCATCH models come with magnetic attachment to ensure the keyring stays secured, there are some options that have simple, peel & stick deployment. The overall weight-bearing capacity is impressive. The magnetic KEYCATCH products can be attached to nearly any metal surface at home or the office.  


KeySmart Dapper Knife: Discreet design meets modern sensibilities, this is perhaps the ideal way to describe the Dapper Knives that are as compact and slim as the modern knife can be—a high utility knife by KeySmart that is slowly making its way to the shopping cart of knife users and collectors. Expect the best features of a premium folding knife mated with the KeySmart philosophy of making products consume less space, in this series. The Dapper uses 420 stainless steel blades apart from ensuring a quick-access blade that is always ready for the job. The Dapper usually has a drop point blade. Handy to carry as a part of outdoor gear, camping accessories, or the backpack, these slip joint knives use black machined aluminum to maintain lightweight construction. These corrosion-resistant knives ensure concealed carry in any pocket. These modern knives have the perfect symmetry and can be used for various household chores or when camping-out with family. Expect precision cuts with the promise of sharp looks and the sleekest looks in the business.



Every KeySmart product is warranted to be free of defects in material and craftmanship for the life of the owner. KeySmart will repair or replace with a new item any KeySmart product that is defective. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the grounds of limited availability of parts. In these situations, KeySmart will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. KeySmart does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


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