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Outdoor enthusiast, hunters, hikers, campers, military personnel and those who need to find their way often use a compass. A favorite of professional guides and outdoor explorers, compasses can easily provide navigation. Besides navigational uses, compasses found extensive usage in architecture, astrology and mining works. Using the advanced GPS technology, compasses are regaining the momentum as a survival tool. Knife Country offers compasses to complete one's contemporary survival kits.


Knife Country USA  is offering the Pocket Survival Pack, which is inclusive of Compass, Rescue Flash Signal Mirror, Spark-Lite Fire Starter, Tinder Quick Firestarter (4), Rescue Howler Whistle and other important survival tools. Take a look around Knife Country USA's online store for different types of compasses. We offer, mirrored, lensatic, declination, zipper pull tag-along, and many more. We have compasses available in many options, some examples are,  brass finish casing, black plastic casing and gold casing, to mention a few.  Some of the compasses have  in-built magnifying glasses, while others offer mini GPS ability. Brands Knife Country USA offers, include, 5.11, Dakota, Silva Watches & Tools, and others. Do not forget to include an essential compass into the survival, camping, hunting, or backpacking gear.

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