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If you are looking for a quality slicing knife to remedy all your kitchen woes then Chicago Cutlery Slicing Knives is a must-have. Crafted by expert craftsmen in China, these kitchen knives are excellent at slicing through fruits, vegetables, and meat. It features a perfectly contoured handle made from solid walnut wood that provides excellent gripping. The carbon stainless steel blade with a taper grind edge increases the sharpness of the knives and allows precision slicing tasks. These long blade knives with round or pointed tips have full tangs and are slightly heavier in weight but provide better control. From slicing and carving thin cuts of meat like chicken, pork, or preparing fruit for salads, or to preparing vegetables for any dish or filleting fish, Slicing Knives by Chicago Cutlery is going to make the task easier. Chicago Cutlery scores are high in terms of performance and aesthetics. The classic-style knives are a worthy addition to every kitchen.

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