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Quartermaster Ordinance Mfg. has been a knife provider for all those who desire excellence at every single step. This brand rigorously keeps on striving to bring out an innovative range of knives with razor-sharp, CPM 154 blades. The makers of Quarter Master Knives first analyze the sustainability of steel alloys (similar incase of B70P and BD4P) and only, then include them in manufacturing process—this makes a Quarter Master Knife ideal for every situation, expected or unexpected!


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Every QM knife is designed and fabricated using an open-bearing system. The fabrication of an ideal Quarter Master Knife is outlined with ORB® Pivot System. In this, the ball bearings heighten the scope tolerance around the pivot in a QM folding knife. Due to which, the lock-up becomes innately tight, facilitating a smoother rotation. Offering an exceptional ease, these Quarter Master Knives have become a great part in functioning of various organizations namely NRA—National Rifle Association, King's Arsenal, 556 Tactical, Fight Soap and Atturo Automotive.


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