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Know About the Brand: Quartermaster Knives

The foundation stone of Quartermaster Knives (QTRMSTR) was laid in the year 2012, with an unmatched experience of combined 25 years of rich industry experience in aerospace and industrial design. The company was founded with a vision to provide, design, and develop a whole line of high-performance and rugged knives. QTRMSTR strives hard to provide exceptional-quality professional knives that surpass the expectation of the clients and cater to the demands of adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, campers, and real-life knife users across the world.


The company was formed under the leading light of professional knife makers and craftsmen having exceptionally rich industry experience. The company was started as a shop and from there Quartermaster Knives grew magnificently by leaps and bounds and carved a niche as a premium knives manufacturers. The use of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and the latest technologies complemented by the premium materials, makes the Quartermaster Knives superior. The advanced technology in combination with the experience helps contribute brilliantly to deliver the finest tactical knives that are designed to survive the toughest situations in most tactical situations. The Quartermaster Knives are in high demand amidst the top-shelf collectors, operators, and contractors too. The knife series gained accolades from most of the top clients, adventure enthusiasts, and globetrotters, owing to the perfect design and excellent functionality.


What Makes QTRMSTR Knives Different from Others?

Each knife is one of its kind and that is what makes the knives different from others. The QTRMSTR knives are specifically manufactured and accurately designed using the open-bearing system, while the ideal QM knife has an exceptionally well-designed Pivot System that is indeed a unique factor of these knives too. This feature of the pivot system helps to accentuate the bold feature of the knives that are suitable to be used for tactical situations or in close combat fields. QTRMSTR believes in bringing forth the finest and high-performance knives and proves this by offering a comprehensive and unlimited warranty in the small arms industry.


Browse through the Wide Range of QTRMSTR Knives

Quarter Master Fixed Blade Knives: This series includes the finest range of Karambit knives with fixed blades that acts as a premium tool or defense weapon owing to the high performance along with the accuracy and precision that it offers. These knives also feature small size finger ring, which is specifically designed and manufactured for allowing more controlled deployment of tools. The fixed blade knives have perfectly angled Wharncliffe blade, which is specifically designed to help do utility tasks including removing mortar from unwanted places, cutting materials, and preparing food on a camp.

 Quartermaster Folding Pocket Knives: 

This knives category includes the folding pocket knives that have a unique locking mechanism and not just this, these knives have the distinctive design that features titanium handles in combination with the Wharncliffe blades. The provision of these knife materials makes the knives sturdy and strong for optimum use in most challenging situations. These knives feature a framework and liner lock mechanism and are designed in a way that these knives can be opened single-handedly and thus also helps to prevent unwanted injuries and accidents.

Quarter Master Karambit Knives: These are the master karambit knives that are widely used for most of the tactical usage in challenging situations. These knives are primarily designed and are specifically recognized for their angular and industrial design and are made with an enlarged finger hole that accommodates swollen knuckles or gloved hands. For sturdiness and strength, these knives are made with 154 ultra-premium steel metallurgy powders and complemented by the titanium handle; these knives come in different finishes like Texas tea finish.

Quarter Master Knives BA Baracas: Another addition to the already existing range of knives is the master BA Baracas knives that are folding karambit-style knives and are specifically designed with ergonomic handles that add to the functionality of having complete control while deploying. These knives are designed with hawk-billed blades and thus ideally designed for combat situations as a brutal and high-performance weapon. These knives are manufactured using powder metallurgy technology and the blades can also be easily re-sharpened and thus, makes them ideal for efficiently cutting the ropes or wires.

Quarter Master Knives Biff Tannen: This series includes the Biff Tannen knives that are primarily designed using the finest grade and durable CPM-154 stainless compound Wharncliffe blade that adds to the functionality and offers optimum performance too. The use of the Wharncliffe blade makes these knives a deadly self-defense weapon for use in most tactical situations. These knives feature butcher’s cleaver with optimized piercing-tip that works smoothly and without getting stuck anywhere, perfect for most of the surfaces. The Biff knives have the integrated ORB pivot system for the vault tight lock-up.

Quarter Master Knives General Lee: This series is another example of fine craftsmanship and industrious experience. These are the knives with tanto and Wharncliffe knives and are specifically manufactured to be used in tactical situations. The blades are tough and are sharpened perfectly to perform heavy-duty tasks smoothly and that too without getting distorted. These knives are considered to be the most brutal weapons that are widely being used by adventure enthusiasts, professional and real-life knives users.

Quarter Master Knives Marty Mcfly: Make sure you have the finest range of Quartermaster Knives that are ideally designed and manufactured using quality assured blade and handle material, ensuring optimum performance and durability. The knives in this series have the finest blades that can be easily re-sharpened; these knives can be carried along on adventure expeditions and have perfectly angled blades that smoothly pierce through most of the surfaces and that too without getting stuck. This series is perfect to be used in a scenario that needs self-defense.

Quarter Master Knives Mr. Belvedere Series: This series includes premium grade and durably constructed knives that are flawlessly sharpened and can be used in tactical and challenging situations. The ergonomic design knives include premium blades and sturdy handles that perfectly fit in the palm of the user. These knives have pointed tip that penetrates perfectly through most of the surfaces. Use these knives for cutting, carving, skinning, slicing, and filleting. These knives with the single-hand open and close mechanism of the knives make them perfect everyday tools.

Quarter Master Knives Mr. Roper: Another range of quality assured and premium knives that are made to be used in most of the challenging situations, Mr. Roper knives are manufactured using the finest quality blades, complemented by the ergonomically designed handles. The blades are incredible at stabbing, piercing, and cutting. These knives feature a single-handed opening and closing mechanism that proves to be the best self-defense weapon. 

Quarter Master Knives Mr. FurleyWith a sturdy and secure frame lock mechanism, these are the knives that work perfectly well in most challenging situations and helps in performing varied tasks. These blades have perfect sharpness and edge retention that helps in piercing through most of the surfaces without getting distorted under compression and extreme pressure. Apart from this, these knives have ergonomic handles that offer a completely secure and sturdy grip, perfect for long duration and beneficial in close-combat situations.

Quarter Master Knives Mr. Strickland Series

Apart from many other knives in the inventory, this series includes the premium grade and highly durable range of knives that are specifically manufactured using qualitative material. The blades are tough and sharpened precisely intending to offer optimum performance, while the handles are made to fit in the user’s palm. The blades withstand high compression and allow repeated stabbing, cutting, and different angled strokes when using. The blades undergo the toughest usage in most of the challenging situations and thus, don’t split into halves.

Quarter Master Knives Qwaiken: This is another precisely designed and manufactured knife series that includes multi-utility and tactical knives that are widely used for performing tasks that includes accuracy and precision. Use these knives for whittling, cutting cords/wires, or simply slicing fruits. Even under extreme pressure and distortion, these knives work perfectly fine and that too without getting distorted or splitting up. The drop point blades are ideal for hunting.

Quarter Master Knives Templeton

Many of the knives in this series feature excellent designs and this series includes the finely designed knives that are manufactured using high-grade material that withstands extreme pressure and distortion. These knives have flawlessly sharpened blades that are born tough and are complemented by the ergonomically designed handles that add to the functionality and life span of the knives. These are the knives with superb penetrating ability owing to the blade type and the sharpened edges that help in, piercing and carving tasks

Quarter Master Knives Texas Tea Series

Ensure that you have the best of Quartermaster Knives, this series includes the Texas tea knives that are specifically manufactured to be used as an excellent self-defense weapon in most challenging situations. The blades are tough and are specifically made to survive the toughest strokes, repeated stabbing, and cutting as well. These blades are designed to withstand extreme distortion and pressure and won’t be split into halves. The ergonomically designed handles of these knives are made to perfectly fit into the palm and thus, offer a secure grip while using, for a longer duration.

Quarter Master Knives Walter White Series: Another addition to the massive inventory of the knives, the Quartermaster Knives Walter series includes the knives that are manufactured using high performance and durable blade materials that have the ability to withstand combat and tactical situations that needs accuracy and precision. The blades are tough and are specifically made to withstand the highest degrees of compression and distortion. These Karambit knives have full-size finger rings that offer perfect grip along with offering a secure fit to the user that works perfectly in demanding situations. These are convenient and fast self-defense weapons.


Quarter Master Knives Warranty Information

Any of the products at QTRMSTR is completely free from any kind of manufacturing or any designing defect. Every product at QTRMSTR is specifically manufactured and designed using quality assured material and that too under the leading light of professional knife makers. Every product is inspected for its quality and performance from the time of designing to final execution and checking the performance. In case if any of the products are found to be defective, then the sent product will be inspected for its quality and performance by the professional team members. In case if the product is found to be defective, be its designing of manufacturing, then replacement and repair will be done considering what can be done with it and also considering the availability of the parts. But it should be noted that the products are not intended to be used outside its scope of use, this can degrade the quality and performance too. Thus, the knives should not be used as chisels or hammers.


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