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Established with a vision to deliver exceptional-quality knives, QTRMSTR caters to the ever-evolving demands of the adventure enthusiasts and real-life knife users across the world. What started as a single shop, Quartermaster Knives grew magnificently and started making the premium knives on their new state-of-art facility. The company uses exceptional quality material and advanced technology to deliver the finest quality knives.


The Quartermaster Folding Pocket Knives Series includes Framelock Pocket Knives and Linerlock Pocket Knives. The Framelock Pocket Knives are suitable for daily utility jobs and culinary tasks like skinning, and filleting. The knives are used as weapons during close-combat. The self-defense weapons, the knives are foldable and easy to carry around in pockets without causing injury. The linerlock folding pocket knives can be used for cutting threads or wires, opening packages, slicing and peeling fruits, carving food, skinning and filleting, or as a concealed self-defense weapon. The knives in the folding pocket knife series feature titanium handles and Wharncliffe blades. They can be opened single-handedly and prevent unwanted injuries and accidents that are caused due to premature closures. Easy to grip, fold and deploy, these knives are highly preferred by outdoor enthusiasts, knife collectors, scout groups, hunters, fishermen, professionals and more.


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