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Copperhead Pocket Knives

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Copperhead is a low profile pocketknife. Typically, it has two blades (3¼ inches) and both operate on the same back spring. Smaller as compared to other pocketknives, this Copperhead Pocket Knife is a perfect companion for outdoor activities like camping, trekking, and hiking. Copperhead pocketknives are very useful for coping blade, carving, scouring lines, and for minute detailing. In addition, one can use these knives to shred cardboard boxes.


Types of Copperhead Pocket Knives


There are two, major types of Copperhead Pocket Knives:

  1. Sway Back Jack Pocket Knife is also known as a Mini Copperhead Knife.

    • It comes with two back springs.

    • This Copperhead Knife is comparatively thicker and features a larger handle.

    • In general, people find this knife more comfortable to use owing to its stronger handle grip. It is heavier in proportion to other Copperheads and has a stronger, overall construction.   

  2. Seahorse is another type of Copperhead Pocketknife.

  • It is twice as heavy when compared to the Sway Back Jack Mini Copperhead.

  • This Seahorse Pocket Knife is handy and enables precision for every cutting/slicing movement.


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