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Steel Will Knives is an American knife manufacturing company that crafts the best knives in the world. They are always looking for new ways to push the envelope, design products, and stay on the cutting edge of knives. SMG Inc. is the backbone of this company and was incorporated in 2008. They further specialize in developing fine-quality tactical and outdoor knives. For creating an exceptional knife, craftsmen make vital decisions while choosing materials, balance, shape, feel, and texture to create a masterpiece. This harmony inspires the designers and influences new blades. As the relationship between a user and knife is one of harmony; Steel Will crafts tools that create a bond with the user.


Each Steel Will Knife performs well as it only comes out of the workshop after clearing the rigorous performance tests like withstanding high compression. This is what makes all their knives high-performing and ready for every situation. With great strength, an elegant look is provided to knives with rubberized composite materials, micarta handles, and optimum steel. The blend of quality materials with the rich experience of craftsmen makes their knives reliable companions while dealing with a tactical situation. The large selection of knives fulfills the demands of a sportsman, fisherman, hunter, soldier, or adventure traveler. Their zeal to innovate and design unique knives make the brand and their products stand out.


More About the Tested Range of Steel Will Knives

Steel Will operates from the United States, however, the knife production is done in Italy, China, and also domestically. The knives are produced to the highest standards of quality with the most modern methods of production. PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating is used on the knives for outstanding resistance from wear and corrosion. The anti-reflective blades with black PVD coating are popular in tactical knives. For providing sharp blades, the best time-tested steel from the US, Japan, Austria, and other countries is used for achieving distinct properties for which the knife is created. Moreover, the choice of handles is influenced by practicality, reliability, and safety. The materials hence used for Steel Will Knives include G10, Micarta, and high-strength rubberized composite materials. Usage of high-grade materials for handles ensures excellent ergonomics and a firm grip. With a useful G10 spacer, a better grip is ensured even with wet and slippery hands.


A lot of knives come with an additional clip that makes the knife suitable for left-handed users. The Satin finish blades are covered with small unidirectional strokes forming a uniform pattern. With ASPIS black coating, S&W blades meet the MIL-DTL-13924 military standards. These are some of the few modern techniques that the company adopts to ensure they provide premium quality knives. Whereas the flexible belt loop fitted sheath allows for comfortable and practical carry even in the seated position. Over the years, the company has extended its inventory and now provides Tactical Knives, Outdoor Knives, and EDC Knives. The high standard of products is maintained and the company will continue to do so in the future. With great quality knives, the knives meet the requirements of the most discerning buyers.


Check out the Steel Will Product Knife Series

Steel Will Adept Knife Series: The Adept Series features universal military knives suitable for the contemporary soldier to deal with any situation or task. Its hard-hitting tip has excellent penetrating capability. These large black tactical knives will effortlessly open a can but their character comes to life with more demanding tasks. These knives are made in Italy. These Knives come with a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating which provides excellent resistance from wear and corrosion. “Adept” possesses a comfortable handle and remarkable symmetry for cutting and thrusting from any position. The dagger blades also embody the utilitarian practicality of a cutting-edge product and the spirit of an ancient warrior’s weapon. The 3D machine-milled G10 handle provides outstanding ergonomics.


Steel Will Apostate Knife Series: Featuring superior performance and quality materials, the Apostate tactical folding knives rival many knives twice their price. Their powdered steel blades measure slightly over 4 inches and flies open with only slight pressure on the flipper. Thanks to the calibrated balance of this knife and the use of ceramic ball bearings. Many knives under the Apostate Series feature a high-strength titanium frame lock. These knives also have predatory drop point blades with dark gray protective anti-glare coating. With the reversible clip for right/left, the clip can be installed in two places, making the knife suitable for left-handed users. The use of titanium with milled slots on the inner side of the frame makes the knife lightweight for its size.


Steel Will Arcturus F55 Knife Series: Add a stylish EDC design to your arsenal with an Arcturus F55 Knife. It is available in two sizes. This series further includes knives with black, tan, and green G-10 handle and a D2 steel blade. The curved and contoured handle provides a firm, ergonomic grip. Smooth, responsive blade deployment is ensured with the flipper blade. Steel Will Arcturus F55 Knife features a stainless steel pocket clip for tip-up carry. Add this knife to your toolkit for a reliable EDC blade on the go.


Steel Will Avior Knife Series: New addition to the star series, Steel Will Avior is unique with a flipper on the front. The peculiarity and ceramic ball bearings allow the knife to have a great, smooth, and fast flipping action. The ergonomic G10 handle with finger hollows and choil provides firm grip during hard work as well as when the work has to be precise and accurate. The F62 Avior is available in 3 color options with different blade finishes and spacer colors. Each knife includes an additional clip as well for making the knife suitable for left-handed users.


Steel Will Barghest Knife Series: The Steel Will Barghest Knives are designed by Vaeringi. These classic tactical knives are powerful and possess excellent piercing capabilities. With a great G10 handle design, a Barghest Knife can be held comfortably in hand both with and without a tactical glove. Time-tested and reliable D2 steel is used in the blade construction. The small thickness behind the edge further makes them a perfect cutting knife. Steel Will Barghest has a slipper that develops a handguard when opened. These knives further open in two ways: inertially and fast with the help of a flipper with a thumb stud that manages blade movement on its way. Equipped with an additional clip for left-handed users. This series knife design is offered in 4 different options. Each size is available in a satin blade or black stonewash finish.


Steel Will Cager Knife Series: The Cager Series models feature a tanto blade with a straight cutting edge, a satin finish, and excellent penetrating abilities. The knives are quite compact and easy to carry, especially considering their intended purpose and stout design. The Cager may be discreetly and comfortably carried in a way that best suits your setting or style. Steel Will presents a knife that is dependable and intended for the EDC enthusiast. The Cager is forged using D2 material for its proven hardness and wear resistance. Its size, weight, and form strike the perfect balance between strength and cutting properties. The Cager has a full-body tang and measures just over nine inches total.


Steel Will Censor Knife Series: The Censor Series by Steel Will Knives features several knives with small fixed blades. Combat and tactical knives can come in both large and small sizes all depending on the task at hand and concealment options. The Censor Series knives have a textured grip made from Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) with strong and pronounced jimping. The curved pistol grip handle provides for good control and is ideal for self-defense. The end of the handle features a lanyard hole that doubles as a skull crusher. The blade is forged from AUS-8 stainless steel which is known for its corrosion resistance and ease of sharpening.


Steel Will Chatbot F14 Knife Series: Chatbot F14 Knives are compact, stylish, and light. These EDC Knives effortlessly handle routine tasks with minimum weight in your pocket. The F14 Steel Will design has fewer steel elements inside of a plain G10 handle. These knives feature a convertible clip with ball bearings and a developed flipper for quick and easy opening. You can choose your knife from the 4 available options with a different combination of blade finish and black/OD green handle. The slim profile of the knives makes them easy to carry.


Steel Will Cutjack Knife Series: The Cutjack flippers are Steel Will's take on the perfect multi-purpose everyday knife. They feature a classic combination of black handle scales with a satin-finished blade. The Cutjack's high flat grind ensures excellent cutting properties while the superior handle ergonomics and finger choil allow for a secure and comfortable grip in multiple positions. The blade deploys quickly and smoothly using the flipper tab and locks up snugly. Lightweight and compact, this range of knives can be carried unobtrusively using the stylish pocket clip which is reversible for right or left-hand tip-up carry.


Steel Will Daitengu F11 Knife Series: Daitengu F11 is the new line of Steel Will Knives. These knives are compact, everyday knives and are a perfect gentleman’s folder. The features of these small knives are their modest, strict style and an original semi-integral G10-milled handle. Due to the small size, Steel Will Daitengu F11 easily fits in the pocket of anyone who requires a reliable tool for jobs where size and weight do matter. These are further developed in a variety of options, so you can choose a design as per your preference. A reversible clip is also provided for both left and right sides.


Steel Will Druid Knife Series: The Druid Series fixed blade knives from Steel Will are multifunctional camping knives with heavy blades and comfortable handles. These knives are suitable for almost any purpose or use. The full tang construction ensures the durability of the knife. The tang is devoid of sharp corners; it minimizes the potential strain on the construction. The Thermoplastic Elastomer handles have deep grooves ensuring slip resistance, even when handled with wet or slippery hands. The Druid is built for any task around the camp.


Steel Will Gekko Knife Series: The Steel Will Gekko folders have proven to be customer favorites; beautiful yet extremely capable outdoor folding knives. For instance, the Gekko 1505 expands on this family of knives by offering an elegant combination of PVD-coated D2 steel and a maroon linen micarta handle. This dark drop-point blade is complemented by a deep maroon-colored handle, giving this Steel Will Gekko a completely new look. These made-in Italy knives feature a lanyard hole, thumb stud, and pocket clip that makes them easy to carry and use.


Steel Will Gienah Knife Series: Gienah Knives are a combination of characteristics of the long blade and small width assured by efficient assembly when folded. Though these are full-size blades they still easily fit in a pocket and are light. Steel Will Gienah can handle any knife task at the picnic, warehouse, on the trip, or while fishing. These knives are crafted in a variety of colors and with double-sided slips. For the left and right sides, a reversible clip is provided, while the thumb stud allows for control throughout the opening.


Steel Will Intrigue Knife Series: “Intrigue” by Steel Will is a light and compact EDC knife with a full-size blade. With the characteristics of a gentleman’s knife, this one works well for various EDC tasks. These knives have an elegant shape and narrow blade with useful materials for urban folders. The colored red stand-offs further add vivacity to the knife design. Usage of D2 steel in the blade construction allows it to resist corrosion better than other high carbon steels, all thanks to the high chromium content. The blade thus offers toughness, wear resistance, and edge holding ability. The EDC Knife opens instantly with a simple effort on the flipper. These blades offer outstanding slicing abilities with a high flat grind. 


Steel Will Lanner Knife Series: Designed by Anton Tkachenko, Steel Will Lanner knives are classic flippers. These knives are produced in two sizes. The large full-size Lanner is an ideal tactical folding knife with an aggressive point and expressive flipper tab that functions both for easy opening and as a finger guard. F35 Lanner is compared with a hawk bird as it is quick, efficient, and light. The superb design of the Lanner makes it easy to hold. The F35 Lanner mini is a smaller and more pocketable version with a thinner blade for everyday chores. The colorful details further highlight its identity even more.


Steel Will Modus F25 Knife Series: Its bright and eye-catching design is not its only advantage. The Modus F25 Series knives are a reliable tool as well as a stylish accessory. Capable of tackling any work that is required of an EDC knife, Modus features exceptional ergonomics for large or small hands and a small form factor for comfortable carry. The knife handles look amazing with two colors in one. Stainless steel ball bearings help in reducing friction and allow for quick and easy deployment with the press of a finger. The Modus will be available in several combinations of materials and colors.


Steel Will Nutcracker F24 Knife Series: The designers at Steel Will crafted Nutcracker F24 to make the job of peeling a coconut, or cracking open a walnut, simpler. This knife design is perfect to mince food, chop off small branches, or for any plastic stuff, and basic EDC purposes. These are hefty blades that run on ceramic bearings and boast high-grade Bohler N690 stainless steel construction. Thus, the blade performs excellently under all weather conditions. One T8 bit makes the handle construction solid and easily serviceable. The Steel Will Nutcracker is strong yet gentle to the pocket and comfortable in the hand. The milled titanium clip is stylish and ergonomic for carrying and work.


Steel Will Onrush Knife Series: If the Bruiser is too big for you this knife will be perfect. Sharing most of the characteristics of its elder brother, this knife is more compact and better suited for everyday use. Made of the Austrian N960Co stainless steel, which is known for its wear resistance and toughness. The handles are G10 which provides excellent ergonomics. On the Onrush, the pocket clip could be installed on both sides making it a great pocket knife for lefties. Jimping in multiple places for various grips gives this knife incredible versatility.


Steel Will Piercer Knife Series: “Piercer” is the result of a collaboration between Steel Will and knife designer Tommaso Rumici. It is a versatile, compact EDC with a point strong enough that it easily pierces through wood, metal sheets, plastic, and even thick clothes. This is not really a fighting knife, but definitely, one that you can rely on everything including self-defense. It easily adapts to different cutting tasks from food to bushcraft with a plain edge, constant curved, and high bevels. The blade is further made from premium-grade D2 tool steel for strength and durability. Tommaso Rumici worked on the ergonomics and thus it is super comfortable with an index groove. It provides strong retention with different possible grip styles. The oval opening hole on the blade is ambidextrous and glove-friendly. Steel Will Pierce Knife is a great EDC for civilians. The folder disappears in the pocket or inside the waistband with a thin and clean clip. Thus, it is a perfect folder for civilian concealed carry.


Steel Will Plague Doctor Knife Series: Designed by Vaeringi, Plague Doctor Knife is a forceful urban tactical fighter. The practical knife has a combat character and combines high cutting and piercing capabilities. It is available in two sizes: large size and mini size. Handles are made from G10 with a coarse texture. The Plague Doctor is fitted with a left-hand clip and constructed with large bronze washers.


Steel Will Resident Knife Series: Elegant and stylish, the Resident folder is a true gentleman’s knife. It features svelte lines and a sturdy build. The Steel Will Resident features a full-size profile that has been streamlined for comfortable everyday carry. Lightweight carbon fiber handle scales are backed up by a titanium frame lock. Standoff construction reduces weight even further while providing for easy cleaning and maintenance. A stainless steel pocket clip finishes off the solid EDC design.


Steel Will Sargas Knife Series: Sargas Knife complements Shaula with the same style and different proportions. With a thin clip point blade, it has a perfect cut possible by high grind, while the ball bearings allow quick and impressive opening. The full-size liners make the knife strong in both appearance and performance. Steel Will Sargas is comfortable to carry with a deep-carry clip. It is available in different colors, you can choose a Sargas as per your preference.


Steel Will Scylla Knife Series: With an unusual opening method, Scylla Knife attracts a lot of knife users. With thumb studs placed in the front of the handle when folded, the knife combines traits of knives with regular thumb studs and front flippers. Scylla has a leaf-shaped, high-grind blade that provides great cutting abilities and the point makes it suitable for precise work. Full liner construction of knife handles adds reliability and durability. While the G10 scale and spacer with a hatch ensure a firm grip.


Steel Will Sedge Knife Series: The blade of the Steel Will Sedge Knife looks like a thin and elongate sedge leaf, and has a thin edge. It is a perfect tool for food prep in the field or difficult work that requires a precise cutting tool. F19 Sedge has a maximum efficient length of cutting edge to prep food easily. This knife design features a slightly curved 3D milled G10 handle, which is very ergonomic and grips perfectly in any hand. Equipped with additional clips for left-handed users.

The Steel Will Knives Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every Steel Will Knives product is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner. Steel Will Knives will repair or replace with a new item (at their option) any Steel Will Knives product that is defective. Since Steel Will Knives will return the original item without a replacement. Some products cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. In these situations, Steel Will Knives will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair.

Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:

Steel Will Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Products are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.

Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty. If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Steel Will Knives product, please contact us and we will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.

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