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Robert David Knives

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Established in 1919, Robert David Knives has carved its niche among the leading knife enthusiasts. Started by Robert David, the knife company offers knives that are recognized to be attractive and functional. What makes these knives stand apart is their handmade appeal that is blended well with stainless-steel blank to satiate the fancy of knife collectors. The company is based in French Cutlery Capital-Thiers.


Robert David Knives is a family-managed business. After Robert David’s death during the war, his wife Anna David decided to associate herself with company and found the Peylaire David Society for manufacturing knives. One of the most modern initiatives of that time, Robert David Knives employs workers, who are generally working at home. The workers specialize in mounting or polishing knives. The manufacturer’s workshop is recognized for a great millstone to grind the blades, small bench for mounting the knives, and some molds used in a hot forming the horn for knife handles.


Robert David Knives- A Timeline

New Society David Brothers & Co


In 1947, Robert David’s two sons Roger and Maurice returned from Germany and tool over the company. Their association gave a tremendous boost to the company. The duo created one of the most important folding knives called POCKET. The factory was situated in the village of Lombard and all the villagers were involved in the development of the factory. In 1950, the company employed over fifty people. With decolonization in 1960s, the market began to disappear. Cheap knives did not attract customers anymore.


Creation of the Brand Robert David


It was Robert, Maurice’s son who took over the family deal to create the eponymous brand. He adapted the products according to the evolving market. He brought in new materials like olive wood and stamina for Laguiole’s sleeves. He understood the enthusiasm for Laguiole knife and opened his first shop in 1983 in THIERS. He created new derivatives of Laguiole like Lag Lock, the Folder Lag and Lag Liner. The process involves the best technology. With the creation of Le Thiers, Robert with some companions, also created Le Select and decided to focus on local manufacturing.




To increase the business, the manufacturer tapped the demand for custom knives and designed knives. The manufacturer reassured the consumers about the provenance and quality of knives they bought. They moved their manufacturing workshop in the heart of Thiers to be closer to the consumers. The shop “The Manufac’Thiers’ is adjacent to the workshop which allows the customers to browse through designs and get them customized accordingly. They tried to help the visitors improve the understanding of different steps that are essential to achieve a knife. They accomplished this by showing the visitors movie or making them participate in a personal demonstration by a master cutler.


What Makes Robert David Knives So Special?


The knives by Robert David Knives are made from Sandvik 12C27 stainless-steel and features a secure linerlock mechanism. The knives are widely acclaimed for their handcrafted appearance and unique handles. These eye-catching knives are widely used as opening aid in camps. The most popular knife options boast carved out handles like genuine stag, juniper wood, olive wood handle and ram’s horn. 


Diving Deeper into the Product Series by Robert David Knives



Robert David Fixed Blade Knives: The fixed blade knives by Robert David Knives feature full-length tang and ergonomic handles for complete balance and control. The stainless-steel construction adds strength to the knives and prevents breaking and bending. The knives are recognized for standard sharp edge that makes them suitable for cutting, slicing, and chopping. These fixed blade knives can be easily deployed in tactical situations. These knives can also be used for digging, splitting and as prying tool.


Robert David Folding Pocket Knives: The series includes folding pocket knives with stainless clip blade and unique handles. These knives feature handles like horn handles, Burl Olive Wood Handle, Stag handle, buffalo horn handle, and olive wood handle. These handles feature nickel silver bolsters. The knife is ideal for tactical situations like self-defense and for camping and for daily household chores.


Robert David Framelock Pocket: The series encompasses knives with unique locking mechanism. These are ambidextrous tools that are meant for single-hand operation. The frame lock system that ensures secure opening and closure. The EDC knives are suitable for tasks like cutting cords, carving wood, slicing fruits, preparing food, filleting the fish, skinning small creatures, and first aid.


Robert David Knives Laguiole Series: The series includes slim and capable knives. Explore the series for traditional brass knives and stainless-steel blades. Expect more design options like one piece-one handle and one piece-one bolster knives. These knives boast narrow blade that is slightly tapered. The stainless back-spring slip-joint has widespread use. The knives are recognized for linerlock mechanism ensures easy and safe deployment of the knives. These knives are appreciated for their handcrafted appearance and polished olive wood handle with scales that add to the appeal. These knives are commonly used to perform chores around the house and when camping.


Robert David Linerlock Pocket Knives: The series features folding pocket knives with one-hand closing and opening mechanism. These knives are suitable for craftsman, fisherman, and outdoorsman for performing chores like carving wood, filleting fish, and skinning small animals. These knives can be turned into pocket-sized tools and can even be used as a concealed weapon.



The knives manufactured by Robert David Knives are free from manufacturing defects and come with warrantee period. In case of any defect, the knives can be replaced or repaired. However, if the knives are subject to misuse in terms of hammer, pry bars, and screwdriver, they will not be replaced. The manufacturer will charge reasonable repair fee.


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