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REAPR Knives is a well-known producer of survival knives and accessories. Its items are frequently used in outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and survival. Precision and razor-sharp blades are included in every REAPR product, allowing it to pierce through virtually anything. All of REAPR's products are designed to meet the needs and expectations of all its customers, regardless of whether they are professional or recreational users. Because of its meticulous construction and high level of quality, REAPR is a perfect choice for the individual who is always on the move.

For those who prefer to spend their time outside or are more tactically inclined, REAPR offers a wide variety of knives that are ideal for camping and tactical use. Regarding hunting or other outdoor pursuits, knives like the REAPR Brigade and the REAPR Tac Tanto Set can be extremely useful. There are several classic designs and styles that the REAPR follows, but each has a distinct target market and distinctive appearance.


REAPR Knife Categories


REAPR TAC Jungle Knife: TAC Jungle Knife is an excellent 17-inch piece of razor steel that serves as an all-purpose camping machete and survival knife in one. You'll be ready to take on any task with an ultra-sharp tweaked drop point blade and a partially serrated blade. Durability is ensured thanks to the 420 stainless steel construction and the blasted satin finish that is resistant to the environment. As well as protecting hands from tiredness and providing precision and comfort, the rigid TPR non-slip handle is equipped with a belt buckle, making it ideal for everyday carry. Get ready for anything by bringing along the REAPR Tac Jungle survival knife.


REAPR Tac Tanto Set: You never know when you'll need a knife! Whether it's work, school, or play, the Tanto Set is always at your side and ready to lend you a hand. This masculine set has everything you need and more: a 4 3/4" fixed blade knife and a 3 1/4" folder. Rock-solid 420 stainless steel blades protect against the weather thanks to their stonewashed finish, and the molded handles are sturdy enough to handle any job. In addition, these knives feature durable points and sharp cutting edges that are perfect for cutting through anything, and an ideal companion for hunting, camping, and daily use.


REAPR Brigade Fixed Blades Series: The REAPR Brigade Knife series features a 5" drop point blade with a 4mm thick blade, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, including hunting trekking, and backpacking. The razor-sharp, robust, and incredibly long-lasting 420 Stainless Steel blade makes this knife an excellent choice for any task. Double G10 desert tan handles prevent slipping, and the oversized grips provide you better grip and more control. In addition, this tough and beautiful knife includes a lanyard hole and a 1680D ballistic nylon belt sheath for safety, convenience, and various carrying alternatives.


REAPR Slamr Fixed Blade Series: The Slamr 4-3/4" Fixed Blade Knife is a modern, lightweight survival tool that's really tough. It includes helpful features like a textured handle and a durable blade. Designed to endure the rigors of survival, this knife is at home in any outdoor environment, making it perfect for hunting, camping, fishing, and chopping tasks. When the day's labor is done, and a drink is in order, the curved tactical knife features a bottle opener for added convenience.


REAPR Versa Series Knives and Axes: This REAPR line of knives include axes, pry bars, cleavr, and Hori knives for hunting and camping. For instance, The Versa Camp Axe is the last ax you'll ever need to buy. Need to chop wood? Pry open a window? Hammer in a nail? The Versa will do it all without lugging around a bag of tools. Nothing is beyond the capabilities of the REAPR Versa TAC Pry Bar. This 10-inch pry bar's adaptability is unmatched in its class. Ripper hooks, wrench functions, and nail pullers are all included, as is a cutting edge to help with pinning and prying. The versatile REAPR Versa cleavr knife is ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks. Non-slip grip TPR embossed dragon skin pattern, lanyard hole, and ballistic nylon sheath with MOLLE capability are some of the characteristics of this fixed blade tactical knife.


REAPR Stainless Steel Swords: Survival kits, outdoor gear, and knife collections would be incomplete without a few of these venerable weapons—the ultimate multi-tool designed to be lightweight, versatile, and reliable in any situation. No matter what you're up against, the Legion sword is always ready to help you prevail. Designed for all terrain and conditions, whether you're on a hunt or exploring the great outdoors, this is the right tool for you. The 13-inch, 3mm thick, stonewashed 420 stainless steel blade features a modified drop point edge and a slightly serrated edge for further versatility. Meridius is also part of the REAPR Sword family of weapons, an all-purpose cutting tool. Whatever you call a sword, a machete, or anything in between, the Meridius dual-edged blade is ideal for removing undergrowth and hunting while also serving as a weapon of last resort in the wild.


REAPR Tac Survival Shovel: Whether preparing for an emergency or just wanting to be ready for anything, REAPR Tac Survival Shovel is the perfect companion for any adventure. This shovel can do almost anything and is lightweight and compact enough for easy storage or travel. From cutting through an underbrush or small vines of rope to digging a foxhole or even a lavatory, this tool is one you don't want to go without.


REAPR Sparrow Hammer Axe: With a 15.25" overall length, the Sparrow Hammer Axe has a 6.25" black oxide coated 2Cr13 stainless ax head with a 3.5" cutting edge and is perfect for both splitting and chopping. The handle is green nylon and stays cool to the touch, even after a long day of use. The sheath is black ballistic nylon and can withstand a lot of abuse, thanks to its durability.


REAPR Chuk 3 Piece Throwing Axe Set: Whether you're a novice or an experienced thrower, the REAPR Chuk 3 Piece Throwing Axe Set has all you need. The 3-5/8" stonewashed finished blade is precisely balanced, making it easy to handle and ready to fly out of your hand. Throwing Axes are a fun activity for camping, parties, barbecues, and other events. With its single piece of 420 stainless steel, the throwing ax set is built to take a beating. However, numerous penetration sites on the ax heads ensure a successful attack.


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