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OTTER-Messer Knives

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Established in 1840 in Germany, Otter-Messer knives are a symbol of tradition. After all these years, Otter knives are still manufactured in the most traditional way, meticulously handcrafted by people who are experts in this field.

Otter-Messer Stands Apart!

From luxury to necessity, Otter knives has it all covered for its clientele. Most of the knives that the brand offers have carbon blades, which gives them durability and sharp edginess. Have a look at their impressive product catalog that perfectly displays both extravagance and functionality.

  • Anchor Knife Bone: blades of these knives easily hide within the compartment of the bone handle, which is beautifully designed. The blued blade is sharp enough to cut with precision. These are a special kind of pocket knives, which can also be hung around the neck with the help of a thread tied to the butt of the knife.
  • Kalan Knife: Kalan means otter in Germany. The knife cuts with precision and is highly functional, durable and looks appealing to the eye with its wooden handle.
  • Mercator Knife: a folding pocket knife, this kind is being produced since the past 100 years and Otter-Messer continues to manufacture this classically functional beautiful and durable knife in the most traditional way.


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