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Fire is one of the most essential elements for the sake of survival. Fire starters, can be a single tool or in a combination used to generate fire. Fire starters are popular with bushcraft hobbyists and survivalists. Commonly used, waterproof matches and storm-proof matches are important to add to survival kits. Solid fuel cubes are one of the most preferred fires starters. These eco-friendly tablets burn smokeless without any residual ash. Take along fire starters while planning an adventure trip amidst dense forests, and other favorite outdoor spaces.


Providing our customers with tools for safety, we are offering a variety of survival gear, such as, survival fire starters, including, Bear Grylls fire starter,  Exotac fire starter and other top quality name brands. If you are looking for a handy and stylish fire stating solution, Bear Grylls fire starter is the name you can bank upon. This compact fire starter keeps tinder safe and dry, owing to its watertight construction. Knife Country USA has a variety of brands namely, Primus, Smith & Wesson Knives, Zippo Lighters, Exotac. All these fire starters are easy to use and generate fire hassle freely, in all weather conditions. 

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