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Jack Pocket Knives

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A Jack Pocket Knife is one of the most commonly used pocketknife. Serving varied purposes, like a Swiss-Army knife, a Jack Knife might include utilities like a toothpick and tweezers too! The slender blade construction of Jack Knives is widely appreciated by knife collectors. In simpler words, a Jack Knife is a more like a Folding Knife, usually with two blades. The blade length for these knives varies from 5 centimeters to 15 centimeters—both easily fit into the knife’s handle, ensuring that the compact presentation of these knives is not disturbed.


Uses of Jack Pocket Knives

Owing to an uncomplicated construction, Jack Knives have a great fan base. The single-hinge structure of Jack Knives ensures immense ease of operation. Guaranteeing a great functional life, a Jack Knife is extensively common among hunters, fishermen, and campers.


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Knife Country USA is a reputed online store, specializing in procuring and selling the best and rarest of knives and accessories, including survival and outdoor gear. To ensure our customers get the best deals, we procure our increasing range of Pocket Knives from leading brands like Case, Infinity, and HPA.

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Case Knives 220 Two Blade Jack Knife

List Price: $64.05 Our Price: $38.43 Savings: $25.62 (40%)
Case Cutlery - Two Blade Jack Knife. Model CA220. 22087SS pattern. 3 1/4" closed. Stainless clip and pen blades.

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