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Princeton Tec Flashlight is a symbol of innovation and hope, it is an American company that is indulged in manufacturing practically designed flashlights. The company was started in 1975 in New Jersey, United States. The brand was founded by Bill Stephens who was running a dive shop at that time and created the first, fully automatic underwater stopwatch, Bottom Timer for scuba divers. After this invention, he started with developing practical and hard-handled flashlights for underwater operations. He then developed Bottom Light, the first-ever affordable and waterproof flashlight.


Since then, the company never looked back and started manufacturing great tools and accessories. Princeton Tec Flashlight offers the finest quality range of flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, spotlights and multi-functional survival lights. The company largely caters to campers, travelers, survivalists, backpackers, scuba divers, and adventure enthusiast.  The brand has developed high lumen beam emanating lights that offers a long burn time and works efficiently in tough, life-threatening situations.


Provides Assured Quality and High-Grade Products

Princeton Tec Flashlight products are designed in two large manufacturing units by over 200 dedicated and hardworking employees. The company caters to the requirements of customers from different countries including Alaska, Afghanistan, and Brazil. The brand works diligently to develop and innovate hard-handles and practically designed product for nearly every situation, environment, and condition. The lights manufactured by the company are efficient and made from premium-grade material to ensure maximum level of quality.


Expect Reliable and Durable Material Construction

The trusted and reliable product catalog of the company has won many international accolades for its design and great functionality. The Sync headlamps have also won Backpacker Magazine Editors’ Choice Award for their design and innovation. The Princeton Flashlights are available with different LED mode options that allow the user to set and decide the desired brightness. Most of these water-resistant lights have polycarbonate or watertight housing to add to the durability. The compact, pocket-sized flashlights are available in high-grade plastic material that withstands everyday handling abuse. The headlamps are available with heavy-duty nylon head strap to ensure a snug fit around the head.


Diving into the Exceptional Range of Princeton Flashlights

Princeton Tec Flashlights offer tested and best-designed, outdoor-ready flashlights that are easy to operate. The well-researched output burn time and beam distance largely cater to the customer especially to travelers, backpackers, survivalists, and campers.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Apex Headlamp Series:This series offers best-selling headlamps. The survival headlamps are powered by 8 AA battery and provide a continuous burn time of 200 hours. This waterproof LED headlamps features four light levels and safety flash mode. Most of these lights are compatible with lithium and alkaline rechargeable batteries.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Byte 90:It features compact and lightweight headlamps with the three-switch mode. These lights successfully provide 100 lumens of brightness that can reach up to 48 meters. Most of these headlamps are available with an adjustable head strap for convenient and comfortable use. 


Princeton Tec Flashlights Byte:The collection offers pocket-sized flashlights that fit perfectly in the purse, pocket, camp kit and backpack. Every day carry flashlights illuminate white max bright LED light. Byte flashlights are equipped with a battery lockout, battery door enclosure, and asymmetrical single arm bracket.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Eos:Eos flashlightsare designed to be rugged hard-handledwith watertight housing. These flashlights are available with four output modes such as high, medium, low and flash. The users can regulate the mode and decide the brightness accordingly.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Helix Lantern Series: The series offers three variants which consist of rechargeable and non-rechargeable Helix Backcountry and Helix Basecamp lights. Most of these compactly designed lanterns are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Some of the lanterns are available with an in-built USB port that supports mobile charging.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Impulse LED Series: These multi-functional flashlights are compact in size and can be attached anywhere and do anything with their hat clip. These tiny LED flashlights provide 10 lumens of brightness and can light for up to 36 hours. These flashlights can be attached easily attached to your backpack, ball cap, camp kit, and keychain.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Quad Tactical LED Headlamp SeriesThe range offers hard-handled headlamps with four ultra-bright LED light modes. These knives are designed with polycarbonate housing material that helps the lights to withstand handling abuse and environmental damage.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Remix Headlamp Series: The asymmetric arm brackets with easily accessible battery doors offers maximum comfort and convenience to the users. These lightweight headlamps are built to perform in extreme weather conditions.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Sector Spotlight Series: It is divided into two categories, Sector 5 and Sector 7, based on the amount of lumen beam they offer. Sector 5 spotlights offer 550-lumen beams and Sector 7 spotlights offer 700 lumens. The burn time also differs as per the number of batteries they use to work. The trigger locks out to prevent accidental activation and battery drain while in transit or storage.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Switch Rail Series: The flashlights are designed for navigation, sheath structure search, and breaching operation. These LED lights are attached directly to the Picatinny Rail for secure mounting. The lights offer different LED options to choose from such as Red/White LEDs and IR/White.


Princeton Tec Flashlights Yukon HL Hybrid LED Series: Developed with the state-of-the-art-technology, these LED flashlights feature a unique triangular design to provide maximum light output. The water-resistant construction ensures reliable and easy operations even in the most life-threatening situations.


Warranty: Terms and Conditions

Princeton Tec Flashlight aims at providing the best quality and damaged free products. The brand has a return and repair policy against any manufacturing and workmanship defects. Princeton Tec Flashlight ensures replacement and repair of any defected product with a new one or with one which matches closely to the ordered product. As per the company rules, some products cannot be replaced or repaired due to the unavailability of parts of the ordered product. Also, it is clearly mentioned that the products should not be mishandled or meant to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.


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