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Princeton Tec Flashlights Helix Lantern Series by Princeton Tec Flashlights

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Princeton Tec has been making superior quality products since 1975. The company is inspired by every single thing that the ever-evolving environments have to offer us. Princeton Tec has been pushing the boundaries to develop innovative technology and design, so that it can ensure that its consumers not only have the best lighting solutions, but also solutions where technology is applied and performance makes sense for how it is put to use.


About the Series


The series has three variants i.e. the Helix Backcountry (rechargeable and non-rechargeable) and the Helix Basecamp. This series offers lanterns that are powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, cutting down on disposable battery use and saving cash over the life of the lantern. If you plan to camp away from home for a long time, the Helix Rechargeable can operate on 3 AA cells, if needed. The power dial controls dimmable white and red LEDs in the same intuitive manner as old-school gas lanterns. Lockout prevents accidental turn on. Some variants in the series offer a built-in USB port that allows charging a phone.


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