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Princeton Tec Flashlights Vizz Series by Princeton Tec Flashlights

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The Vizz Series of Princeton Tec Flashlights has a collection of high-quality tactical headlamps and headbands. The headlights have a digital lockout switch, dimmable spot beam, and infrared lighting system. Their headlamps are water-resistant, and impact resistant which provides them protection against any accidental drop damages. In the headlamp collection, the series has two different models each providing 136 hours and 110 hours of burn time. The headlights are backed by the AAA battery, providing the headlight with a long-running time. One of the headlamps in the series comes with maxbright, white ultrabright, and red ultrabright LEDs. These ultrabright lights in the Vizz headband come with a nylon headband and throw 79m beam. The black color Vizz headlamp has synthetic construction, and they are clam-packed. Whereas, the Vizz Headlamp Tan comes with a push-button on/off switch which also doubles as a low battery indicator. These switches are used to prevent accidental turns on. These Tan colored headlamps have adjustable head straps and have a synthetic construction. The headbands in the series have infrared lighting and programmable ultra-bright red, green, and blue LEDs.

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