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Fixed Blade Knives with Skeletonized Handles

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Skeletonized handles, usually, refers to only the handle, which does not typically have any fittings, bolsters, guards, scales or other material attached. Skeletonized knives are special knives, made this way for very specific reasons Handles of these knives are designed in accordance with the intended use. With a bare-bone kind of design, these handles are popularly called Skeletonized Handles.  Light weight is the most important reason to make a skeletonized knife. Because the knife does not have handle material or fittings, the overall mass of the knife can be reduced. This is important to specialized knife users, such as military, survivalists, and law enforcement knife users who must travel fast and light. Skeleton handle fixed blade knives often featured on the must-have list of knife collectors and aficionados.


Choose a Fixed Blade Skeletonized Handle Knife:


A skeletonized handle knife has numerous distinctive features. These knives can have a chisel grind and warncliffe blade. Today, Skeletonized Handles are available in various finishes. This ensures our customers can pick a knife that is in absolute accordance with individiual preferred style. Finishing options include Polish, Bead Blast, Skull, Piece Black, Textured Powder Coating, Part Serrated Black, Pink Powder Coating, Satin, Grey Skull, and Urban Camo. These are the most demanded finishing options however there are a few more options which Knife Country USA's team is constantly updating.


More Options to Explore

To help our customers make a better choice, Knife Country USA have added a few more options to this segment of fixed blade knives. Our customers can choose across a wider range of neck knives with different blades, including, Skeletal Skinner, Shanghai Shank Neck, Combat Commander, Pro Guard, and the Dessert Tan.


Get the Assurance of Quality

Knife Country USA is an established online retail store, specializing in the knives and accessories. To ensure our customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of fixed blade knives from leading brands, including, Smith and Wesson, Tops, Uzi Knives, Aitor Knives, Columbia River, Randall King, Schrade, Ranger, Gerber, Colt Knives, Pro Tech, Lone Wolf, Ka- Bar, Katz, and Magnum.


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