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Fixed Blade Knives with Tanto Point Blades

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Contrary to what many believe, not every knife can make it to the list of must-haves for a dedicated knives collector—it takes something special, an aura that inspires the enthusiasm for owning a knife. Fixed blade knives have always engaged attention with their wide array of designs including options of handles, blades, and finishing hues. One such fixed blade knife that demands admiration is the Tanto Point Blade. The purists refer to is as a Fixed Blade Knife with Tanto Point Blade. Tanto knives get their enviable reputation due to their piercing blade that can cut through most kinds of materials.


Get Acquainted with Tanto Blade Knives

Some people believe that Tanto knives get their inspiration from the long and short Japanese swords. Tanto blade knives owe their popularity to Cold Steel. The construction of fixed blade knives, with Tanto point blades, can be best described as a pointed top with a flat grind. This makes the Tanto the perfect weapon for stabbing into hard materials.


What makes Tanto blade knives unique?

Unlike most knives, Tanto Blade Knives don’t have a belly—the entire emphasis is on being functional without retaining anything that doesn’t deliver to the overall stabbing power. Instead, it uses a strong tip and straight edges to achieve precise, better cutting credentials. Since there is no belly, it is not functional for slicing like utility knives. Unlike utility knives, Tanto knives are single-minded and stoic, proud to be the ultimate statement among stabbing knives.


Options for Our Customers


Our customers can buy Tanto blades in many different finishes. Options include Stonewash Finish and Oxide Finish—two most popular options. You can also order Tanto knives with handles made of different material like Micarta and Resin Impregnated Nylon.


Get the Assurance of Quality


Our team, here at Knife Country USA, is established in selling knives and accessories from our online store. To ensure, customers get only the best deals, we procure our increasing range of fixed blade knives from leading brands. This includes brands like Army, Cold Steel, Bark River, Bear & Son, Boker Tree, Case XX, Entrek USA and many more.

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