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Congress Pocket Knives

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Congress Pocket Knives features a convex front and a thin concave back. The Congress pocketknives can either have two or more blades. One can find a four-bladed or six-bladed congress pocketknife only after extensive market research. The most common blade types are sheepsfoot and a spear.


History of Congress Pocket Knives

When tracking the usage of Congress pocketknives, one may come across the name – Tobacco Knife.  These were primitively used as a pen knife or for making quill pens. The popularity of these knives was dramatically reduced after President Lincoln carried a Congress Pocket Knife on that unfortunate night he was killed. Later, Congress Pocket Knives regained the momentum as a regional knife, which was quite popular in the southern parts of country. 



Fairly easy to spot, Congress Pocket Knives have back-bent handles and canoe-like construction. These are considered excellent for use in more delicate or intricate knife work.


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