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The Backbone of DEFCON: Top Quest Inc.

The stepping stone of Top Quest Inc. was laid in 2013, with a clear vision to change how samurai products can be turned into something better and useful, into something better and make them useful for crafting and creating the utility at different levels without letting the spirit of the true samurai vanish. Top Quest Inc. is one of the most reputed names in the international market when it comes to bringing forth premium swords and knives.


Top Quest Inc., with a spirit of improvement and innovation, brings forth different brands, and one of the most recognized brands is DEFCON. Created under Top Quest Inc., DEFCON was established to take the innovative thinking of the founder, Sam Sung, who also made several trademarks and patents in the swords and knife industry, during his 20 years of career. With excessive research along with intense development, the focus was to present high-quality products with an innovative and exciting design. The experience and expertise of the founder helped improve the knife manufacturing process that helped built a strong foundation in the knife industry. This also helped made a much stronger connection in the industry, inclusive of renowned knife smiths from the American Bladesmith Society. Thus, the company has always been up for designing, producing, and carrying out new and innovative products in the international market. Not just DEFCON (Proelia, Jungle Knife, Hydra, PAN), there are different brands under Top Quest Inc. that includes SABER SHOGUN, SPARKFOAM, S-TEC, and RYUJIN Samurai Sword.


DEFCON: Synonymous to Quality and Innovation!

DEFCON Tactical was conceived with a vision to provide premium-quality knives that cater to the ever-evolving demands of people from different professions. DEFCON has spent years in the industry and has gained huge experience that has contributed to bringing forth quality knives. Backed by a pool of experienced craftsmen and knowledgeable professionals; DEFCON has always been among the preferred names when it comes to buying a precision-engineered knife.  Their experience and dedication are very well reflected in the series of knives they offer. A pool of innovative knife makers and designers work in close coordination to present DEFCON, an epitome of precision and quality product. With 2 decades of experience in the swords and knife industry, the product range includes from tactical folders and fixed blades to innovative EDC pocket knives. Each and every product is made to exact specification and that too using precision machining along with the finest grade material in combination with the heat treatments.


The ergonomic designs and sturdy construction of the Defcon knives have gained accolades across the world. The quality and high-performance of the product range have been appreciated by people from different professions. Defcon makes every effort to create innovative knife designs that stand apart from other series. Apart from delivering standard designs and premium quality knives, the brand collaborated with custom knife makers across the world for the production of unique designs that have never been seen previously. The custom knife makers worked with utmost enthusiasm and zeal to deliver the finest product range of knives.



Everything You Need to Know About DEFCON Blade Works!

A customer is unaware of the intense knife-making procedures that ultimately result in the premium-quality knives they use for different purposes. Making a knife is not a one-step procedure, but a chain of multiple things that includes never-ending efforts of the craftsmen, use of finest materials, along hardening and tempering procedures. DEFCON beautifully encapsulates all these procedures and presents the intricately designed knives to be used in various tactical situations. Defcon knives are specifically for law enforcement personnel with special and varied demands regarding the blades, handles, and sharpness that are required for different situations. The innovative approach with which the knives are designed makes them suitable to be used in tactical situations. The knives are a perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship.


With undeniable styles, the range includes flipper knives, with lightweight yet aggressive profiles, sharp edges, midsize folding knives, slim flipper knives with different handle scales, and milled titanium handles. Many of the knives are created for tactical use and for the individual who prefers a robust folder, the Proelia flipper from Defcon Blade Works delivers enviable build quality, action, aesthetics, and comfort. With a thick D2 tool steel blade with flipper and thumb stud openers, milled G-10 scales are mated with thick stainless-steel liners with a knurled G-10 backspacer as well. The knives will certainly impress!


Exploring the Defcon Product Categories:

Defcon Fixed Blade KnivesThese knives are manufactured using the finest and premium range of D2 steel material. These knives have the ability to withstand high compression owing to commendable strength. Even after multiple uses, these knives work smoothly without getting split in between. The penetrating ability of the blades is phenomenal and the knives glide through most of the surfaces without getting stuck. The sculpted G10 handles offer a secure grip in most demanding situations. The dramatic tones of the knives look classic and complement the knife body.

Defcon Folding Pocket Knives: The folding pocket knives in this series are manufactured using the exceptional quality stonewashed finish D2 air-hardening tool steel. The extended tang of this material induces phenomenal strength to the knives and helps to survive under the most demanding situations. The tanto blades have perfect sharpness and pierce flawlessly through the surfaces. The G-10 handles offer a secure grip and fit in the palm for comfortable hold throughout the task.

 Defcon Karambit Knives: With a tactical modern design, a perfect addition to your knife collection, the premium range of Defcon Karambit Knives boasts tough blades with optimum edge retention. The aggressive profile of the Karambit Knives is complemented by the excellent geometry that ensures equal weight distribution. These knives have a thumb ramp that helps to apply optimum pressure upon cutting. 


Exploring the Defcon Product Series

Defcon Hydra Fixed Blade Knife Series: This series includes the finest quality knives that are ergonomically designed to cater to the demands of people from different professions. These are the drop point blades that are manufactured using the D2 tool steel. The use of this material induces commendable strength and helps the blades to survive under high compression and distortion. The penetrating ability of the knives is phenomenal, and the blades easily glide through most of the surfaces. The G-10 handles of these knives offer a comfortable hold and secure grip for long durations.

Defcon Proelia Liner locks Pocket Knife Series: Proelia Liner lock Pocket Knife Series features the finest quality knives that are primarily designed for tactical situations. The use of D2 steel blades induces commendable strength to the knives and helps to survive under high compression. Even after multiple roughest uses, the knives work smoothly and perform well. The G10 handles are suitable for tedious tasks and offer a secure grip in most challenging situations. The mechanism and functionality of the knives are phenomenal, while the sharp edges add to performance. These knives are easier to open and close.

Defcon Alpha Knife Series: Another addition to the series, Defcon Alpha Knife Series includes premium quality and finished knives boasting ergonomic and classy design. The knives in this series have a black stonewash finish that is complemented by the 440 stainless blades. These liner lock knives have a flipper opening mechanism and feature a lanyard hole and pocket clip.

Defcon Archangel Knife Series: Archangel Knife Series is another example of why DEFCON never compromises with the quality and design. The knives in this series include Archangel Framelock along with the titanium handle and carbon fiber inlay too. With the spectrum TiNi coated accents, the knives have extended tang and finger ting too.

Defcon Atlas Knife Series: Atlas Knives by DEFCON includes the knives with CPM S35VN stainless modified tanto blades that are complemented by the 6AL4V milled titanium handle and forged carbon fiber inlay. These knives have optimum blade thickness that allows easy knife operation in most tactical environments and uses. 

Defcon Bravo Knife Series: Bravo Linerlock Assisted Knives series includes precisely designed knives that are specifically designed using finest grade 8Cr13MoV stainless blades that are complemented by the tan glass-filled nylon handle and the carbon fiber insert too. The provision of lanyard holes and pocket clips adds to the convenience of use.

Defcon Charley Knife Series: Manufactured using the finest grade and durable 8Cr13MoV stainless tanto blade, the Charley Knife Series includes precision-made knives featuring 8Cr13MoV stainless tanto blades that are complemented by the sculpted G10 handle that looks sturdy and classy. The blade thickness is optimum, while the handles are wide enough to fit into the palms perfectly.

Defcon Delta Knife Series: Defcon Delta folding knives series have open/liner lock mechanisms and are complemented by the classy black G10 handles, equipped with a lanyard hole along with the pocket clip. The provision of black finish 440 stainless blades, which is made from 8Cr13MoV steel offers commendable performance in tactical situations or while roughest usage.

Defcon Draco Knife Series: This series boasts ergonomically designed knives that feature blades with 52100 balls bearing Damascus along with burnt coloring that looks classy and authentic too. The blades are complemented by the premium 6AL4V titanium with burnt titanium stripe design, not just the surpassing design but making it unique with its performance too.

Defcon Echo Knife Series: A perfectly designed knives series, the Echo Knife Series, which includes ergonomically designed knives with a satin finish, partially serrated 8Cr13MoV stainless blade. Not just this, the knives have textured glass-filled nylon handles making them sturdy and strong for the most tactical use in the toughest environments.

Defcon EDC ULU Knife Series: The EDC Ulu flipper knives with the upswept curve in this series are primarily designed with a satin finish, wear-resistant D2 tool steel blade, which is complemented by the titanium handle, extended tang, lanyard hole, and pocket clip too. These knives have a two-tone satin finish along with the stonewashed flats.

Defcon Foxtrot Knife Series: Another example of finest grade and durable knives, the Defcon Foxtrot Knife Series includes the knives that are manufactured using premium glass-filled nylon (GFN) handle, complemented by the 8Cr13MOV steel blade, which is in black finish and is partially serrated too. These knives have a liner lock mechanism and have an integrated thumb pin, which makes them perfectly designed tactical folding knives.

Defcon Hydra Knife Series: A series of knives that features precisely designed fixed blade knives that are manufactured using finest grade sculpted G10 handles, satin finish clip point blades, black coated D2 tool steel blade, or satin D2 tool steel blade. Each knife in this series features blades with an optimum thickness that makes it perfect for outdoor tactical use inclusive of cutting, digging, hunting, or splitting.

Defcon India Knife Series: Another range of tactical knives that are precisely manufactured using premium-grade 8Cr13MoV stainless blade and glass-filled nylon handle along with cut-outs, the Defcon India Knife Series features knives with integrated thumb ramp, and pocket clip. These knives have a liner lock mechanism that makes them much convenient to use.

Defcon JK Cutter Knife Series: This knife series by DEFCON includes knives with satin finish premium D2 tool steel blade with a stonewash finish, which is complemented by the titanium/brass handle, extended tang, lanyard hole, and pocket clip. JK Cutter Knives by DEFCON makes a perfect option to be used in tactical outdoor situations.

Defcon JK Hybrid Knife Series: Another addition to the already existing knife series, the DEFCON JK Hybrid Knife Series includes premium grade and ergonomically designed knives that are specifically made using sheep foot blades, D2 air-hardened tool steel that induces commendable strength to the overall structure of the knives and makes them perfect for the most tactical and roughest usage. The provision of 6AL4V titanium along with G10 composite makes the knives much reliable for use.

Defcon JK Mako Knife Series: The knives in this series feature an S35VN stainless drop point blade, perfect for most of the roughest and tactical usage, along with the premium grade titanium handle that offers the most convenient grip for a long duration. These knives have stonewashed and satin finish blades. The provision of extended tang, lanyard hole, pocket clip, and glass breaker make it much efficient and useful.

Defcon JK Radioactive Knife Series: Perfect for use in tactical situations, the knives in the Defcon JK Radioactive Knife Series include premium-grade knives with titanium handle satin finish D2 tool steel tanto blade, that is complemented by the frame-lock design. The blade length and the sharpness are optimum enough to pierce through most of the surfaces perfectly, while the provision of wide handles makes it much easier to hold for longer durations.

Defcon JK Sharkstooth Knife Series: Perfect Everyday Carry Knife series that includes knives that prove to be extremely useful in different tactical and emergency scenarios. With the provision of extended tang, lanyard hole, glass breaker, and pocket clip, these knives have titanium handle and are made with a CPM S35VN stainless spear point blade.

Defcon Jungle Knife Series: These ergonomically designed knives are carefully manufactured using titanium handle along with shredded carbon fiber inlay, complemented by the D2 tool steel karambit blade that offers commendable performance and induces strength to survive the roughest and most tactical usage.

Defcon Kilo Knife Series: Featuring sturdy and premium quality 8Cr13MoV stainless blade, the Defcon Kilo Knife Series includes knives with a G10 handle that in combination makes a perfect option for use in tactical situations. The provision of a thumb stud, lanyard hole, and pocket clip, makes these knives much convenient for use.

Defcon Peregrine Knife Series: Peregrine Framelock knives feature commendable strength to survive the toughest situations and tactical environments. These knives have 10cr15CoMoV Damascus blades that are complemented by the Damascus pattern titanium handles. The compact and sleek blades look aesthetically appealing and offer the best performance.

Defcon Rhino Knife Series: Featuring sharp satin finish Bohler M390 stainless blades and authentic titanium handles, Rhino Knife Series by DEFCON includes knives that are perfect for most tactical usage and are precisely designed to survive tactical situations. The knives in this series are available with different handle designs that can be selected as per preference, but each knife will offer commendable performance with optimum grip for a longer duration.  

Defcon Tango Knife Series: Aesthetically appealing and classy knives series, Defcon Tango Knife Series includes Tango Machete, which is considerably big and makes a perfect pick for most of the outdoor along with self-defense tasks. The sweeping edge of the stainless-steel blades complemented by the finger hole adds to the convenience and makes it much easier to use. With a snap closure, the Tango Machete features a lanyard hole for user convenience.

Defcon Valkyrie Knife Series: The knives in this series are specifically designed and manufactured using the finest grade Bohler M390 steel in combination with the latest technology and premium materials too. The folding knives in this series look classic and boast extreme performance with optimum corrosion resistance, edge retention, and high-level toughness too.


Defcon Warranty

The products at DEFCON Blade Works are warranted to be completely free from any kind of manufacturing and designing defects. Although in few cases the products are found to have defected then, the concerned person from the company will check and inspect the knives. If the product is found genuinely damaged, then it will be sent for further repairing and replacement. The repairing and the replacement solely depend upon the availability of the parts at the company. In such situations, Defcon Blade Works will provide a currently manufactured product that closely matches the item sent in for repair. The products are not intended to be used as chisels, pry bars, or hammers, this can severely damage the knife and hampers the performance as well. If the product is mishandled or misused, then no claims will be entertained regarding the product.


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