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Defcon Fixed Blade Knives by Defcon Blade Works

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Defcon Fixed Blade Knives - Precision Engineered for the Outdoors


Knife Country USA is proud to present the Defcon Fixed Blade Knives collection, where every knife is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and durability. The Defcon series stands as a testament to rugged functionality and sleek design, crafted for those who demand excellence from their cutting tools.


Each knife in the Defcon series is meticulously constructed with D2 tool steel, renowned for its edge retention and hardness. The full tang construction guarantees strength and balance, making these knives reliable companions for any task.


The handles, made from a variety of premium materials including carbon fiber resin and G10, are designed not only for comfort but also for enduring use. Coupled with Kydex sheaths, these knives are ready for the most demanding outdoor, survival, or tactical scenarios.


Dive into the Defcon Fixed Blade range with these standout models:


  • The Defcon 0007BK1 - Fixed Blade D2: A perfect amalgamation of a gray finish blade and carbon fiber resin handle with copper flecks.


  • The Defcon 0007BK3 - Fixed Blade D2: This variant offers a carbon fiber resin handle with silver flecks, providing a unique aesthetic.


  • The Defcon 007SL - Fixed Blade D2: It stands out with its black and orange G10 handle, offering visual appeal and a sturdy grip.


  • The Defcon 007BK2 - Fixed Blade D2: Gold flecks in the carbon fiber resin handle set this knife apart as a luxurious tool.


  • The Defcon 001BK Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: With a black sculpted G10 handle, this knife is as much a work of art as it is a cutting instrument.


  • The Defcon 002SL Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: A satin D2 steel blade is paired with a sculpted G10 handle for a classic look and feel.


  • The Defcon 003BK Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: The black coated D2 steel blade offers resilience and stealth for tactical use.


  • The Defcon 003SL Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: A larger knife with a satin finish, providing elegance and endurance.


  • The Defcon 004 Hydra - D2 Satin Fixed Blade Knife: A compact and reliable option with a satin finish D2 tool steel drop point blade.


  • The Defcon 005 Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: A perfect balance of length and control with a 4" satin finish blade.


  • The Defcon 006 Hydra - D2 Fixed Blade Knife: This model features a clip point blade, ideal for detailed and precision cutting.


Knife Country USA's Defcon Fixed Blade Knives are more than just tools; they are a symbol of preparedness and strength. Explore the entire collection and find the knife that speaks to your spirit of adventure.


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