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History of FrogLube:

Undoubtedly the most reliable name when it comes to buying premium grade firearm cleaning and protecting products, FrogLube has carved a niche in the international market with its premium quality and high-grade products. The wide range of products available at FrogLube is developed by navy seals; these are the line of biodegradable solutions that are purposely used for cleaning, lubricating, and also to protecting firearms.


These firearm care products available at FrogLube are exclusively made using only exclusively bio-based and food-grade ingredients, which are specifically made to cater to the ever-evolving and existing firearms operating and care requirements. The complete range of products is specifically made and precisely engineered to offer tangible and immediate enhancement to the products, considering the initial use of these products, showcasing optimum benefits of bio-based products, and also urging to switch to the bio-based care products, which makes a magnificent contribution towards the industry. FrogLube contributes significantly to cater to the different demands of the clients, the whole system continuously evolves to meet and exceed the manufacturer’s stated operating specifications and precisely adheres to all instructions and the operating manuals. FrogLube products when used consistently improves shooting performance over the years.


What Makes FrogLube Different from Other Products?

Here is what you need to know about FrogLube products. If you are a proud owner of firearms and other weapons then, you must be aware of the importance of lubrication and cleaning products, FrogLube contributes to make the process much easier and extremely effective for the proper operation and the maintenance of a firearm and other weapons. Product cleaning and lubrication is an extremely important and mandatory step; it is indeed not an option and nothing fits better than FrogLube products. The whole range of FrogLube products is primarily bio-based/food grade combination that offers non-flammability, de-carbonizing, non-toxicity, non-hazardous, anti-oxidation, all-temperature performance, and long-lasting durability as well. While selecting products on minimal criteria including friction reduction or corrosion resistance should not be the only parameter.


FrogLube works in close coordination with the active and former field operators in the leading military units, with collective 150+ years of operational experience that also included extensive combat tours, which has also helped FrogLube to introduce the bio-based system, which is effective and trusted enough to replace the traditional petroleum centric, gun care products.


Testing The Effectiveness of FrogLube Products

Rest assured of the quality, the wide range of FrogLube products were tested to check the effectiveness and that too in the simplest way. A piece of metal was taken and marked precisely into the 24 sections, which was followed by marking 24 sections with 24 varied lubricants. After marking this metal was left in the gutter, which then onwards started to corrode, on the backside. The results were visible, the section which was treated with FrogLube was not at all rusted while the other one started to rust. Thus, FrogLube has been trusted by many veteran experts and clients from all over the world, when it comes to protecting and thoroughly cleaning guns and firearms.


FrogLube Product Categories:

FrogLube Solvents: These solvents are one of the most ecologically conscious products that are used for optimum gun care and are completely natural and also non-toxic. A blend of bio-based and food-grade products, FrogLube Solvents act as an outstanding biodegradable solution and are highly preferred all over the world, by professionals. These non-flammable, environment-friendly, and non-petroleum gun cleaning solvents are precisely designed and manufactured and leaves no harmful effects after use. A pool of Firearm experts and veteran professionals test these products to ensure optimum quality and performance, which offers excellent performance over the years. FrogLube has the most qualitative, non-toxic, and easy-to-use cleaning product range that can be used for varied different guns and pistols; these solvents are widely used to clean up the interiors of barrels with optimum perfection. To ensure that the quality is not hampered, the solvents are widely delivered in the clear reusable plastic bottle that is designed with a screw-top lid. Rest assured for the quality and performance; these solvents are designed to clean even the hardest hydrocarbons with ease; thus, there are no issues of fumes or burning. Use these bio-based solvents for most gun surfaces and leaves no residue behind, when used.


FrogLube Super Degreasers: Another addition to the already existing range of products, FrogLube presents the finest grade Super Degreasers, which is undoubtedly high grade and amidst the most environment-friendly, bio-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, and non-petroleum products that are specifically designed to degrease firearms without much hustle. Super Degreasers are made using premium quality food-grade and non-toxic ingredients that are highly suitable and prove to be an exceptional biodegradable solution for the heavy-duty application, catering to the gun-degreasing and the gun-cleaning demands of the clients. Super Degreasers have the super-strength metal and carbon cleaning ability; perfect for cleaning the Nickel Boron, Cerakote, Duracoate, and also the QPQ coatings. These bio-based FrogLube Degreasers are non-petroleum, non-flammable concentrated solvents, and are specifically designed to leave the surface completely dry after use. The weapon cleaning and lubrication with the FrogLube degreasers exhibits exceptional cleaning from the very first application itself.


FrogLube CLP Liquids & Pastes: Select from the wide range of FrogLube products that also includes the CLP Liquids & Pastes, which are undoubtedly the most trusted and performance-oriented biodegradable cleaning solutions. FrogLube grabs the spotlight with the high-quality products that are widely being used in firearms operations to boost the performance of the products; the company caters to the varied care requirements of patrons from all across the globe. These are all-natural and non-toxic solutions that not just improves the product’s performance but also helps in improving the environmental performance with time. The complete range of CLP products is tested and verified by firearm experts and veterans, having rich industry experience and knowledge. The use of bio-based ingredients adds to its durability and performance, which also makes a perfect pick in case if anyone wants to restore the aging/vintage pistol or gun. These products are specifically used and trusted for their performance and the fact that these needs zero follow-up requirements upon the non-sticky no residuals behind. The CLP liquids & pastes are environmental-friendly and non-toxic, exhibiting exceptional lubricating, cleaning, and rust-prevention properties, which makes it a suitable product to pick. biodegradable CLP Liquids & Pastes are widely used for different types of firearm surfaces and leaves no residue behind, upon use.



The FrogLube Limited Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to the warranty and returns of the FrogLube list of products, each product presented by the company is completely warranted and inspected to be free from any kind of defect in its material or workmanship. In case there is any defect in the FrogLube product, then the same will be inspected and then further will be replaced or repaired with the new item, this will take place after the complete inspection of the defective product. Since there are few products that can not be repaired considering the limited availability of the parts; in this case, the company will then furnish the currently manufactured products that happen to match closely with the item, which is sent for the repair. Apart from this, the defects and also the repairs are primarily not covered under this warranty. Another important aspect that is to be considered, FrogLube products are not to be used as an alternative to any kind of product that can degrade the quality and result in unexpected performance, this can be extremely damaging and won’t bring out the desired results.


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