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FrogLube proudly presents a wide range of biodegradable solutions to clean and lubricate firearms. FrogLube stands apart in the crowd of firearms accessories makers owing to the use of bio-based and food grade ingredients in its array of weapons lubrication and cleaning products. The product range is tested by firearm experts to meet requirements of clients from all over the world. The combination of bio-based/food grade ingredients offers non-flammability, non-toxicity and anti-oxidation properties, which makes them suitable for most types of firearm surfaces. Expect immediate enhancement from the first application and excellent results every time a FrogLube product is used as a part of firearms cleaning, wiping, lubrication, or degreasing.


FrogLube Solvents represent one of the most ecologically conscious gun-care products that are natural and non-toxic. Solvents by FrogLube are a blend of bio-based and food-grade products that act as an excellent biodegradable solution. These are environment-friendly, non-flammable and non-petroleum cleaning solvents that perform without harmful effects. Firearm experts test the solvents precisely. Expect this to be the finest non-toxic cleaning product range for different types of guns and pistols that clean the interior of barrels with perfection. The solvents are delivered in the clear reusable plastic bottle that comes along with a screw top lid. There are no issues like burning or fumes. Solvents like these clean the hardest hydrocarbons too. Such bio-based solvents can be used on any gun surface and are completely safe. Feel assured that they don’t create any residue.

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