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Warthog Knife Sharpeners in George, South Africa is known to be amidst the most renowned names offering the finest range of Sharpeners for every kind of knives and blades. Warthog has continued to cater to the ever-evolving demands of people from different professions with high-performance diamond sharpeners. Warthog established in 1999 was conceived with an aim to create excellent sharpeners. The years of dedication and hard work is completely reflected in the qualitative sharpeners they offer. Warthog has given a perfect sharpening solution to sharpen knives to a professional level without any fuss.


Correct Way of Sharpening the Blades is a Skill that has Always Remained with Expert Craftsmen


Creating high-performance sharpeners requires complete dedication, years of research and unmatched skill to sharpen the blades exactly as desired. Warthog is backed by expert craftsmen and professional experts with unsurpassed crafting and honing skills. They are the backbone of the company and have helped to build this empire over the years. Their knowledge has helped to design patented sharpeners. Warthog encapsulated everything that is required from a premium sharpener. In 2000, first V-Sharp (now called the “V-Sharp Classic”) was introduced. It has been a few decades that Warthog has been manufacturing and exporting the patented high-quality diamond knife sharpeners.


Premium Quality Sharpeners Built over the Years Shows the Hard-Earned Success

1999 marked the beginning of a journey for Warthog being a knife sharpener specialist. Incepted with a simple idea to deliver qualitative sharpeners to enhance the knife performance; Warthog introduced sharpening products to be used anywhere anytime. The first thing that comes to mind when we hear Warthog is the quick sharpening tools. The sharpeners undergo plastic and zinc injection molding and diamond plating and delivered to the customers. The brand has completely stood by its name, be it in terms of manufacturing and designing accurate, quick, versatile sharpeners, or testing it followed by timely delivery.


Factory and Working Area

Warthog operates from George, South Africa. Located on the beautiful Garden Route in South Africa, Warthog occupies 1000 m² factory. The incorporation of modern machinery and equipment has helped in the quick manufacturing of the sharpeners. Warthog has the capability to manufacture and deliver 250,000 units per annum that can be expanded as per the requirements.


Warthog Manufacturing Process


Warthog involves various stages and manufacturing procedures that help to bring forth qualitative sharpeners to be used by everyone. This process includes plastic and zinc injection molding, which is followed by the diamond plating and final finishing of the product. These sharpeners are completely tested by the experts and even the material used is inspected beforehand to make sure the final product is designed perfectly.


Sharpening Knives Has Never Been So Easy: A look into the Warthog Product Series


Multi-Edge Warthog Sharpener:  This series includes the finest sharpening stones that are perfect to be used for sharpening scissors, knives, and chisels. The series includes diamond replacement coarse stones for multi-edge sharpeners with 325, 1000 and 220 grit coarse. Apart from this, the series has the leather strop that can be used after sharpening for burr removal and simultaneously polishing for the perfect edge. These are designed and tested by the outdoor enthusiasts who are a part of the Warthog team.


V-Sharp Classic I Sharpening Rods:   Classic I Sharpening Rods by V-Sharp includes the wide variety of sharpeners with 270, 325, 600, 1000 grit coarse. The sharpeners in this series are manufactured and designed using the finest quality material that boosts the sharpness of the blades and prepares for carrying out the desired tasks with utter smoothness. Many sharpeners have been designed with extra coarse diamond hones, medium diamond hones, fine diamond hones. These are available in a set of two.


V-Sharp Classic II (2 Two) Warthog Sharpener:  V-Sharp Classic II Series is an assortment of heavy-duty sharpeners, sharpening rods and sharpener cases. The heavy-duty sharpeners in this series have been designed using the finest stones with steel frame, lightweight aluminum sliders, rubber non-slip base supported by thumb grip. These sharpeners have 325 grit double sided diamond rods and finishing steels for optimum performance. Apart from this, the field cases have been designed using nylon that increases the durability.


V-Sharp Curve Warthog Sharpener:  The Curve Sharpener Series has the finest quality heavy-duty sharpeners and sharpening rods with 325 grit double sided diamond rods and finishing steels. The frames of the heavy-duty sharpeners are made using high-impact ABS frame, which is available in different colors. These sharpeners can sharpen both sides at one go and are perfect for kitchen use. The provision of lightweight aluminum sliders contributes to the performance of the knives.


V-Sharp Xtreme Edge Warthog Sharpener: Xtreme Edge Sharpener series features the heavy-duty sharpeners with 325 grit double sided diamond rods along with the finishing steels, accompanied by the 4 quick snap angles. These sharpeners are ideal for the kitchen use and have been constructed using waterproof high-impact ABS frame. This enhances performance and increases the durability as well.


The Warthog Knife Sharpeners Limited Lifetime Warranty

Warthog offers a 3-year warranty against any kind of defects in the product from the date of purchase. The defected sharpener will be repaired or replaced, depending upon the condition; this will be done without any charges. But, if the defected product is found to be abused, dropped, mistreated or even modified, in that case, no replacement or repairing will be done. Complete procedure will be done only after full inspection of the product. Warthog Sharpeners are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers; this can hamper the performance of the products.


Knife Country: A Haven for Knife Enthusiasts, Professional Hunters, and Outdoorsmen and women


Knife Country is an American e-portal known for offering a wide range of knives and cutlery. Catering to the ever-evolving requirements of people from different professions, Knife Country has continued to serve the finest blades, survival and cutting tools, meticulously tried and tested by the experts. 500+ manufacturers from around the world form the backbone of Knife Country and they contribute by delivering more than 30,000 models in different lifestyle categories. Warthog Knife Sharpeners presents a massive range of sharpeners that plays a vital role if you own a quality knife. Apart from this, one can select from backpacks, flashlights, folding knives, camping gear, security equipment, survival equipment, and machetes.


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