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Warthog Knife Sharpeners

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Warthog Knife Sharpeners have given a whole new definition of sharpening blades without degrading the metal quotient. Located in George (South Africa), Warthog has been the foremost name to look for high-performance diamond sharpeners since 1999. The brand is accredited for quick sharpening tools, which underwent plastic and zinc injection moulding, diamond plating and then, are served for final dispatch.


Detailing Warthog Journey to Being a Knife Sharpener Specialist

Warthog was incepted with a mission to make sharpening a hassle free process. Here is a step-by-step process, which will help you get a sharper edge anytime anywhere. If you are dealing with a very dull knife, it would be advisable to put your knife against the Warthog Knife Sharpener for more 30- 40 times. This stands complete true in case of hard steel knives. After that, make finer blade adjustments and position the hone rods for a striking V-pose. This will help you get desired sharpness in the way you want. 


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