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CRKT Knives | Unrivaled Craftsmanship & Innovative Design | Knife Country USA


CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) is a leading knife manufacturer that has been offering a wide range of high-quality, innovative knives and tools since 1994. Founded by Paul Gillespi and Rod Bremer in Oregon, CRKT is known for its unwavering commitment to design excellence, craftsmanship, and functionality.


The brand's success is built on its strong partnership with world-renowned designers and custom knife makers, who bring their unique vision, experience, and expertise to the CRKT lineup. This collaboration has resulted in many groundbreaking innovations such as the patented OutBurst® assisted opening system, the IKBSTM ball-bearing pivot system, and the Deadbolt® lock, which have set new standards in the knife industry.


At Knife Country USA, we offer an extensive collection of CRKT knives and tools that cater to various needs, from everyday carry to tactical and outdoor adventures. Some of the top CRKT product groups include:


CRKT M-16 Series: A versatile collection of folding knives designed by the late Kit Carson, featuring the iconic Carson Flipper and innovative locking mechanisms.


CRKT Minimalist Series: Compact and lightweight fixed-blade knives created by custom knife maker Alan Folts, perfect for EDC and survival situations.


CRKT Provoke Series: A revolutionary folding karambit knife with the innovative Kinematic® opening mechanism, designed by Joe Caswell for tactical applications.


CRKT Homefront Series: A unique line of folding knives with the patented Field Strip technology that allows easy disassembly and cleaning without any tools.


CRKT Tighe Series: Striking folding knives designed by Brian Tighe, featuring eye-catching designs and exceptional performance.


Discover the unparalleled quality and design innovation of CRKT knives at Knife Country USA. Browse our extensive selection of CRKT products and find the perfect cutting tool to suit your needs.



CRKT Knife Product Categories


CRKT Pocket Knives: Grab a CRKT Pocket knife, and you'll see why it's the best for outdoor use. It is durable, compact, and easy to maintain. The Linerlock knife is perfect for trekking, hunting, and camping. You'll never need to worry about your blade closing on your fingers when you're using this knife! The stainless steel blade is sharp enough for any task and will last for years with proper care. These pocket knives feature a classic design and are made from high-quality steel blades for maximum durability. Choose from an array of different blade shapes and sizes depending on your needs, but don't take our word for it - see for yourself!


CKRT Assisted Opening Folding Pocket Knives: The rapid deployment and one-handed operation of an assisted opening knife make it an excellent knife to carry in real-world scenarios.  Spring-assisted blades make excellent everyday carry knives. CKRT features more than fifteen different models of folding Linerlock pocket knives, featuring stainless blade, Zytel handle, and durable construction.


CKRT Fixed Blade Knives: Fixed blade knives are the weapon of choice for various professions and hobbies. That's because they're built to last. Plus, when you're out in the wild, you need something that can really stand up to the abuse. CKRT Fixed Blade Knives are the best budget fixed blades on the market. The CKRT Knives are truly knives you can count on. With its stainless steel blade, it is sure to be corrosion-resistant and durable for your toughest days. The blade's upward swept design adds extra strength to the tip, making it an even more effective weapon. Choose from as many as 50 fixed blade knives, from large fixed blade knives to minimalist blades.



Bestseller Columbia River Knife and Tool Collections


CRKT Folding Pocket Knives: CRKT folding pocket knives are the ultimate EDC. Anyone who spends time in the outdoors should have one of these in their pocket for everyday carry. They're perfect for hunting, fishing, and camping trips and are made to last through just about anything. From processing firewood to cutting up some dinner, we have a pocket knife that should do the trick! These knives are frequently used for splitting, chopping, and hammering. With spear point or regular-edged blades, these pocket knives are simple to operate and maintain. The majority of CRKT Pocket Knives are satin polished and have a longer tang and pocket clip.


CRKT M16 Knife Series: Tested and used by marines. CRKT M16 Knife Series is designed to empower and free the knife user. The M16 Knife Series has a diverse selection of liner lock folding pocket knives that are convenient to carry and safe to use. These knives are equipped with a side-spring lock that is simple to shut and open with one hand and does not require manual repositioning. Linerlock is self-adjustable during use. These pocket knives fold flat and are great for traveling, hunting, and other outdoor activities. They're lightweight for their size and have a good carrying capacity.


CRKT Ryan 7 (Seven) Knife Series: If you're looking for a knife that's the best of both worlds-functionality and style, then the CRKT Ryan 7 Knife Series is perfect for you. This 7-knife series utilizes a liner lock system that is convenient for the user and can be easily opened and closed by just using one hand. In addition to that, it comes with a sleek design that's both beautiful and practical. This linerlock knife series has stainless steel blades that provide strength for heavy-duty operations. The handles are manufactured of Zytel and feature a zigzag pattern for added strength and a deep finger coil for superior grip and injury prevention. These knives have been specifically developed to fulfil the needs of a knife aficionado.

CRKT Assisted Opening Pocket Knives:
 It's about time you joined the millions of people who've already upgraded to the best pocket knives on the market. Our assisted opening knives are safe and stylish, with a Fire Safe thumb-stud opener and multilayered black and brown handles. So go on, get a hold of one today, for less!


CRKT Batum Knife Series: Whether you're looking for a tactical knife or want to upgrade your everyday blade, CRKT's Batum Knife Series has what you need. Featuring various blade styles, sizes, and colors, these knives are made out of high-quality materials and made to last. They have an appealing stainless steel blade with a standard edge, a satin finish, a high-quality black grip, an extended tang, a lanyard hole, and a pocket clip.


CRKT Bombastic Knife Series: Inspired by the vintage design of the original WWII utility knife, it's based on Ken Onion's famous design and has a durable blade. The Bombastic is for those who want to adventure in the wild and suitable for trekking, camping, and fishing.


CRKT Carson M4 Knife Series: Be prepared for any situation with Carson M4 Knife Series. Whether you're a hunter, camper, or tactical expert, M4 Series knives are the perfect tool for survival. These tactical knives are rock solid and can take a pounding for many years to come.


CRKT Crawford Kasper Knife Series: The full-length tang of a Kasper knife is made from corrosion-resistant steel that's easy to clean. Kasper blades are made to be used in the harshest conditions, and they stay sharp for much longer than standard blades. In this price range, CRKT provides a broad selection of attractive and functional linerlock knives. These knives are made of stainless steel, making them rust and corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding even the most strenuous jobs.


CRKT Drifter Knife Series: The Drifter Knife Series is made for people who demand the best in terms of both quality and design. These framelock and linerlock folding pocket knives offer high performance and long-lasting use while not breaking the bank. Made in China and Taiwan, these folding pocket knives are easy to use and come in various designs to suit every taste.


CRKT Endorser Knife Series: The Endorser knife is constructed with a material called D2 tool steel. The blade is made of a single piece, heat-treated, quenched, and tempered to the hardness of HRC 59-62. Due to its toughness and corrosion resistance, this steel is perfect for tactical pocket knives used in marine environments or those exposed to water.

CRKT Eros Knife Series:
 Welcome to the evolved world of knives, where you can have a tactical knife that's not too tactical. The Eros Knife Series is a collection of knives that focuses on style and elegance while still being tough enough for work. With the latest IKBS™ ball bearing system, it has a smooth and fast opening knife at your side. And with an elegant ELMAX steel blade, it looks just as good as it performs.


CRKT Fire Spark Knife Series: With CRKT's newly designed Fire Spark Knife Series, you're guaranteed never to lose a fight again. It's the perfect tool for any and every outdoor activity, with an unfair advantage in your pocket. It is made of rugged steel that can resist corrosion and carry a sharp, razor-sharp blade for days. This versatile, dependable knife is perfect for action sports like mountaineering or hunting or work like carpentry. It can be used to open boxes, cut up wood, and be your go-to pocketknife. Moreover, it won't break your bank to buy this elegant yet tactical Fire Spark Pocket Knife.


CRKT Foresight Knife Series: Finally! A good quality, durable pocket knife that won't break the bank! The Foresight Knife Series is a collection of Linerlock folding pocket knives made from high-quality materials like aluminum handles and stainless steel. With our Foresight pocket knives, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your blade will stay sharp for longer.


CRKT Fossil Knife Series: You'll be prepared for anything with Fossil Knife Series! Fossil Clip Point Framelock Folding Pocket Knives and Fossil Clip Point Veff Serrated Framelock Folding Pocket Knives are part of the CRKT Fossil Knife Series. These folding pocket knives, made in China, are simple to use and carry when traveling—sharpened to perfection with blades made of stainless steel.


CRKT Framelock Pocket Knives: You're out in the wilderness, miles away from home. You look down and realize your knife has closed shut. You're just about to panic, but then you remember what the wise old-timer told you at the store: get a framelock pocket knife! These knives are easy to carry, fun to use, and not afraid of being a little rough on your gear. Whether you're traveling, hunting, or exploring for adventure, they are the perfect knife to use in any situation.

CRKT Graphite Knife Series: Slip into your Graphite Knives and make a quick getaway with this easy-to-open tactical knife series. These knives have high-performance, satin finish stainless steel blades ready for anything with dual thumb studs and flippers. Their comfortable handle has a non-slip grip that's easy to hold in any situation.


CRKT Gusset Knife Series: Gussett Series works on the manageable framelock folding mechanism. These self-defense knives are manufactured using stainless steel that resists corrosion and withstands high compression. The knife handles are made using stainless steel, slot cutouts, and thumb ridge that convey great strength to the complete knife frame.


CRKT Hammond Cruiser Knife Series: The new CRKT fixed blade knife was designed by world-renowned designer James Hammond and is a masterful extension of his legacy. The quality of this product's construction, high-end materials, and thoughtful design will make it your favorite new tool for everything from camping to everyday carry.


CRKT Homefront Knife Series: This is a set of high-quality knives that are the perfect add-on for your survival kit. They are lightweight, have stainless steel blades, come with aluminum handles, and have "Field Strip" technology so you can take apart the knife with no tools. These knives, which enhance cutting efficiency and precision, are ideal for various outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, trekking, and more.


CRKT Ignitor Knife Series: If you're looking for a top-quality knife that will serve you for years, the Ignitor Series is a great choice. The Ignitor is known for its distinctive handle, which is comprised of layers of G-10 to provide a stable grip. It also features a safety button on the end of the thumb stud, preventing accidental opening when not in use. Moreover, they are a reasonably priced and safe option for Folding Pocket knives.


CRKT Ikoma Knife Series: Ekoma Knife Series are stylish knives with outstanding cutting performance and excellent durability. They're perfect for a wide range of tasks, from chopping vegetables to skinning small games. Besides the trendy design, the blades have thumb slots & thumb ridges for easy handling—these framelock knives with multi-colored G-10 handles are designed for outdoor adventures. Choose from a wide range of satin knives, or buy the most recommended folding pocket knife, Ikoma Fossil Pocket Knife.


CRKT Jettison Knife Series: CKRT's mission is to make the best, most cost-effective compact knives on the market. All knives in the Jettison Series are made of high-quality titanium that will never corrode, rust, or leave fingerprints. Keep your pocket knife where it belongs: in your pocket! Choose from more than 12 models and colorways to find a knife that fits you perfectly.


CRKT Ken Onion Series: The only thing better than a simple, classic knife is a Ken Onion Series knife. A top choice among world-famous designers for more than 25 years, the Ken Onion folding knives are designed to be used in the hands of an expert craftsman.


CRKT KISS (KISS.) Knife Series: KISS Knives focuses on a variety of framelock folding pocket knives with high levels of strength and versatility. "Keep It Super Simple" knives have exceptional accuracy, making them ideal for smooth operations in the outdoors. Most have moderately serrated, chisel point standard edge, corrosion-resistant coated chisel point tanto blade with thumb studs, money/pocket clip, and lanyard hole. Whether you're camping, fishing, or just looking for a great set of knives for your kitchen, these functional and durable knives are perfect for you!


CRKT M21 Knife Series: M21 Knives are lightweight, compact, and powerful. The liner lock design offers an easy one-handed blade opening with the M21's thumb studs. Never worry about finding your stainless pocket knife when you're on the go with the slot cutouts, G10 handle, and included pocket clip.


CRKT Moxie Knife Series: Moxie knives are back and better than ever. Blades are made to last, lightweight for easy maneuverability, and a textured grip handle for ultimate control. Find all your favorite knives in one place - like the Moxie Assisted Opening Knife with a 3.29-inch blade or the Moxie Drop Point Linerlock Folding Pocket Knife with a 3.3-inch edge.


CRKT Otanashi Knife Series: With a 5" blade and a contoured handle, the Otanashi Knife is a high-performance combat knife that will make your day easier. Forget about bulky fixed blades that can only be taken on an adventure trip with you. With its innovative locking liner safety innovation, the Otanashi Knife is specifically designed to say goodbye to any evil that might come your way in close-quarter battle environments.


CRKT Pazoda Knife Series: Pazoda is a high-quality, low-cost series of knives that you'll want to keep by your side at all times. These blades are crafted with a framelock and linerlock for easy use. They're made from durable stainless steel, and they come in a wide array of black titanium stainless steel finished self-defense knives.


CRKT Prowess Knife Series: The Prowess series by CRKT is a set of corrosion-resistant knives that feature AUS-8 stainless steel blade materials. The drop point styles have a large tang that extends as an additional protection layer for the handle. This outdoor gear is perfect for any knife lovers out there. Moreover, they provide the ideal balance between pricing and insanely durable blades that can withstand any knife challenge. These knives are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of outdoor uses.

CRKT Razel Knife Series: Forget about the fine tip. The Razel defies the blade form convention. While the stubby shape of this everyday carry folder is its defining feature, the Assisted Opening innovation deploys the blade at incredible speeds. A fresh perspective on tradition. Each knife is equipped with a comfortable handle. That means you'll be able to use them with ease for different tasks, including cutting, piercing, chopping, and grinding.


CRKT Ripple Knife Series: The Rippel Knife Series is designed with the most modern, state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest quality knives for indoor and outdoor use. It has a stainless steel blade, IKBS to ensure smooth and easy cutting, and Ken Onion design blade etching. The linerlocking 8Cr14MoV stainless blade is extended tang for safety and easy cleaning. With a lightweight, modern design, these knives are perfect for every knife aficionado.

CRKT Shenanigan Knife Series: Shenanigan knives are made with durability in mind and a pocket-friendly design. This everyday carry knife series blades are suitable for any outdoor activity: from hunting to fishing, rock climbing, and camping. These lightweight knives are designed to work with your hands and your terrain.


CRKT Snap-Lock Knife Series: CRKT Snap-Lock Knives are innovatively designed folding pocket knives that are offered with an attractive built. These outdoor tools are made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, providing high-performance for long-term usage. These knives also feature a 'Snap-Lock' mechanism with a 180-degree opening and thumb wheel deployment. The knives are perfect for everyday use as well as outdoor activities.


CRKT Squid Knife Series: These CRKT Squid Knife Series knives have the exceptionally nice feature of framelock folding. They are great for outdoor uses, including camping, hunting, fishing, and mountain climbing. These outdoor tools include a stainless hollow ground drop point blade, twin thumb studs, a lanyard hole, stainless pocket clips, and stainless handles. These folding pocket knives offer remarkable precision and efficiency in each cut


CRKT Swindle Knife Series: Who wants to fumble around in the dark? The Swindle Knife Series is a tactical knife series for those who want to see what they're doing and not just imagine it. Don't let your next move be a mistake. Order your blade today! Most Swindle series knives include satin finishes, high-quality stainless blades, an extended tang, smooth bead blast finished stainless handles, grooved front handles, stainless pocket clips, a closed framelock, and the IKBS pivot mechanism.

CRKT TIGHE Knife Series: Designed for those who appreciate craftsmanship, Tighe Knives are precision-engineered for hard use. This knife line features the Tighe Tac Two Button Lock, the Tighe Breaker, and other high-quality outdoor lifestyle accessories that may be utilized in several outdoor situations. With a limited edition production method, you get to buy something truly special - a uniquely designed framelock folding pocket knife that will become a cherished family heirloom.


CRKT Limited Lifetime Warranty Information


Each Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT product is assured against material and artistry faults for the duration of the owner's ownership. Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT will repair or replace any Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT product that is faulty (at their discretion).

Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT will return the item in its original condition. Certain goods cannot be fixed due to the scarcity of replacement components. Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT will provide a currently manufactured item that most nearly matches the item turned in for repair in certain instances.


Defects and repairs not covered under warranty:


Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT does not warrant against normal wear & damages. We do not intend our products to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers. If your knife or other item was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee.


Contact Knife Country USA for more information about your warranty:


If you have a warranty issue or questions about the condition of your Columbia River Knife & Tool - CRKT product, please contact Knife Country USA, and they will advise you on how best to proceed with submitting your warranty claim to the manufacturer.


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