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Squid Series by CRKT: Unveiling Compact Elegance in Knives


Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has consistently proven their knack for innovation and impeccable craftsmanship. The CRKT Squid Knives Series is no exception, a line of versatile and compact knives that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic allure. Inspired by the nuances of the marine world, these knives are your perfect companion, whether you're navigating the urban jungle or exploring the wilderness.


The Squid Knives Series offers an assortment, each piece bearing a distinct identity while retaining the core essence of the collection.


1. CRKT 2690 - Squid Linerlock Knife: Featuring a stonewash finish, this knife is both elegant and sturdy, with a thumb stud for ease of use.


2. CRKT 490KS - Squid: A black stonewash finish lends this knife a sleek appearance, coupled with a robust stainless blade.


3. CRKT 2491 - Squid Framelock: With a stonewash finish stainless handle, this knife adds a touch of rustic charm to your collection.


4. CRKT 2492 - Squid Framelock Knife A/O: The IKBS ball bearing pivot offers seamless functionality, complemented by a bead blast finish.


5. CRKT 2493 - Squid Framelock Knife A/O: Elegance meets function in this knife, featuring a black stonewash finish stainless blade.


6. CRKT 2495K - Squid XM Framelock Black A/O: This knife stands out with its D2 tool steel blade and black G10 handle.


7. CRKT 2485K - Squid Compact Framelock A/O: A compact marvel, it’s the epitome of style and convenience.


Designed by the esteemed Lucas Burnley, each knife in this series reflects a passion for detail and innovation. The Squid Knives are a balance of precision engineering and aesthetics. Whether it's the lanyard hole for ease of carry or the pocket clip for accessibility, every feature is thoughtfully incorporated.


Manufactured in China under strict quality standards, the Squid Knives Series is the answer to every knife enthusiast's dream. They are not just tools; they are a statement of style and efficiency, underlining CRKT's commitment to bringing you the best in the world of knives.


As you embark on life's many adventures, arm yourself with the unparalleled elegance and utility of the CRKT Squid Knives Series. It’s not just about having a knife; it's about wielding a masterpiece.

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