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CRKT Overland Knives: Where Innovation Meets Adventure


Every tool is designed with a purpose, and in the vast world of knives, the CRKT Overland Knives stand apart. Crafted for the wanderer, the camper, the adventurer, and the urban explorer, the Overland series embodies CRKT's commitment to high-quality, functional tools that don't compromise on style.


Venturing into the CRKT Overland Realm


The Overland knife range is not just any ordinary collection. It's a testament to how design, driven by real-world challenges and needs, can shape the functionality and aesthetics of a tool.


Hallmarks of the Overland Knives:


  • Top-notch Blade Quality: Made from D2 tool steel, these knives are not only sharp but also incredibly durable, perfect for varied tasks. The black stonewash finish adds a rugged charm, ensuring the blade is protected from the elements.


  • Innovative Handle Design: An integration of OD green G10 and black stonewash stainless materials, the handle is designed for optimum grip and comfort. It's not just about the visual appeal; it's about performance and ease of use.


  • User-friendly Features: Whether it's the conveniently placed thumb stud, the lanyard hole for customization, or the pocket clip for easy access, every feature of the Overland knife is thoughtfully added with the user in mind.


The CRKT Overland Compact Framelock - CR6277 is a shining example of this series' excellence. With its 3.25-inch closed size, it's compact enough for everyday carry, while the 2.25-inch blade is versatile for most cutting needs. This piece effortlessly transitions from a day in nature to an evening in the city, truly defining what a modern knife should be.


Why CRKT Overland Knives Are Your Perfect Companion?


Life's greatest adventures often need reliable tools, and Overland promises just that. Its blend of modern materials and design with traditional knife-making values ensures it's a tool you can count on, wherever your journey takes you.


CRKT's Overland series resonates with those who live life on their terms, who find solace in nature's laps but are equally at home in urban jungles. With its compact design and exceptional build, the Overland is more than just a knife – it's an extension of you.


Knife Country USA prides itself on bringing the finest cutting tools to enthusiasts worldwide. The CRKT Overland series aligns perfectly with this mission, promising quality, durability, and style in a single package.

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