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CRKT Tueto Knives: Merging Tactical Precision with Scandinavian Design


There's a reason why Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) has consistently stood tall in the realm of knife craftsmanship. Each of their offerings reflects a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, paving the way for tools that don't merely serve, but inspire. The CRKT Tueto Knives Series encapsulates this ethos, providing blades that mirror a symphony of form and function.


Delve into the crowning jewel of this series, the CRKT 5325 - Tueto Linerlock Knife OD A/O.


Distinguishing features of this masterpiece include:


  • Superior Blade Material: The 3.25" blade, crafted with 1.4116 stainless steel and a satin finish, stands as a testament to CRKT's commitment to durability and razor-sharp precision.


  • Intricately Designed Handle: Embodying resilience and style, the OD green G10 handle ensures a firm grip, offering both safety and sophistication.


  • Quick and Safe Accessibility: The knife's assisted opening feature guarantees instant readiness, while the extended tang enhances its safety quotient.


  • Ergonomically Efficient: With a lanyard hole and pocket clip, the CRKT Tueto ensures convenience and ease of access, wherever you are.


  • Scandinavian Touch: Designed by the illustrious Jesper Voxnaes, every knife in this series exudes the minimalistic elegance characteristic of Scandinavian design.


When you wield a knife from the CRKT Tueto Knives Series, you're not just equipped with a tool; you're carrying a legacy. A legacy shaped by CRKT's unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, and Jesper Voxnaes' Scandinavian design sensibilities.


At Knife Country USA, our endeavor has always been to curate and provide the best from the world of blade craftsmanship. The Tueto Linerlock Knife OD A/O is a reaffirmation of our commitment to bringing you unparalleled quality and design. It’s more than a knife. It's a testament to what happens when impeccable engineering meets artistic brilliance.


The world of blades is vast and varied, but there are a few that stand out, shining brighter than the rest. The CRKT Tueto Knives Series is one such beacon, beckoning those who seek perfection, performance, and panache in every slice, every cut.


Distinguish yourself. Choose CRKT. Let your choice of tools echo your commitment to excellence and your eye for beauty.

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