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Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Machetes


In the vast realm of outdoor tools and accessories, the prowess and precision of Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is unparalleled. Presenting the epitome of edge retention, robustness, and ergonomic excellence: the CRKT Machetes collection. These machetes are not just blades; they are a synergy of design, functionality, and legendary craftsmanship.


Leading the pack is the indomitable Chanceinhell Machete. Measuring at 17.63 inches overall, this masterpiece features a 12-inch powder-coated 65Mn blade. Designed meticulously by the iconic Ken Onion, its black thermoplastic handle ensures a grip that reduces fatigue, providing absolute control in every swing. Whether you're making your way through dense jungles or just handling garden chores, this machete ensures you always have more than just a chance in hell.


The Halfachance Parang, another marvel from the mind of Ken Onion, boasts a commanding presence with its 13.88-inch powder-coated 65Mn blade. At 19.38 inches in total length, this machete is a true embodiment of strength, designed for those who refuse to leave anything to fate. Its black thermoplastic handle offers an unmatched grip, ensuring safety and power with each swing.


For aficionados with a penchant for traditional designs, the CRKT CR-2742 Kuk stands as a beacon of finesse and functionality. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Kukri design, this 15.88-inch masterpiece, with its 10.63-inch black powder-coated 65Mn steel blade, promises both elegance and efficiency. Whether you're venturing into uncharted terrains or showcasing your skills in the backyard, this machete promises a blend of tradition and innovation like no other.


Beyond their undeniable efficiency, what truly sets these CRKT Machetes apart is the balance of comfort and control. Each machete, crafted meticulously, undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure its supremacy. Whether you're an adventurer, a hiker, or someone who believes in possessing the best tools, these machetes, with their impeccable design and unmatched functionality, are the perfect addition to your arsenal.


Explore the world of CRKT Machetes at Knife Country USA and immerse yourself in a legacy that promises more than just blades — it promises an experience, an adventure, and a companion for all your endeavours.

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