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CRKT Tuna Knives: Embodying Perfection, Precision, and Performance


In the knife-making arena, where the clash of steel and craftsmanship becomes art, Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) stands unchallenged, celebrating a rich legacy of pioneering innovation. The CRKT Tuna Knives Series is no exception to this tradition, showcasing a spectacular amalgamation of finesse and functionality that can only be expected from CRKT.


One glance at the CRKT Tuna Compact Framelock - Model CR2522, and you'll know it’s crafted for connoisseurs:


  • Exceptional Blade Composition: A 2.75" blade, featuring an 8Cr13MoV stainless steel construction with a stonewash finish, promises durability that stands the test of time.


  • Sturdy & Stylish Handle: The knife houses a rugged black G10 handle, complemented perfectly with a black stonewash stainless back, ensuring a stable grip alongside a statement look.


  • Intuitive Design Features: Equipped with a thumb stud for swift blade deployment, a lanyard hole for easy carry, and a pocket clip for accessibility, this knife is designed with user convenience in mind.


  • Vibrant Orange Accents: The subtle yet eye-catching orange accents infuse a dash of contemporary charm, adding character to the knife's aesthetic.


  • Mastermind Behind the Marvel: The brainchild of the esteemed Lucas Burnley, this knife encapsulates his vision of blending tradition with modernity.


Knives are not just about cutting; they tell a story, represent a lifestyle, and for many, they're a passion. The CRKT Tuna Knives Series echoes the dedication to detail, the commitment to quality, and the pursuit of perfection that is synonymous with CRKT. When you hold the Tuna Compact Framelock, you're not just holding a blade; you're embracing a piece of artistry.


Knife Country USA takes pride in its curated collection of knives that reflects our dedication to bringing you nothing short of the best. The Tuna Compact Framelock is a testament to our commitment, showcasing what happens when unparalleled craftsmanship meets design brilliance.


In the vast realm of knife craftsmanship, there exist tools, and then there are legends. The CRKT Tuna Knives Series is firmly in the latter category, designed for those who appreciate the finer things, who seek precision, performance, and panache in every slice.


Elevate your collection. Choose CRKT. Ensure your tool choice reflects your impeccable taste and unwavering demand for quality.

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