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CRKT P.S.D. Knives: Precision, Strength, Durability


In the world of knives, few brands exemplify innovation and quality like Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT). The CRKT P.S.D. Knives are the epitome of what knives should be - perfectly balanced, designed with precision, and built for performance. This is a line where strength meets style, and practicality marries sophistication.


Unveiling the CRKT P.S.D. Knives


P.S.D., standing for Precision, Strength, Durability, embodies the quintessence of CRKT's approach to knife-making. These are not just knives; they are a statement of purpose and an embodiment of craftsmanship.


The CRKT P.S.D. Knives come with these unique features:


  • Superior Blade Technology: The black EDP coated Veff serrated 1.4116 stainless blade ensures lasting sharpness and resistance to corrosion. This makes it a reliable tool for different cutting tasks.


  • High-Quality Handles: Featuring carbon fiber with a black G10 base, the handles of the P.S.D. knives are engineered for a comfortable grip, adding a sleek, modern touch to the design.


  • Assisted Opening & IKBS Ball Bearing Pivot: Designed for quick, one-handed deployment, the assisted opening mechanism is smooth and efficient. The IKBS ball bearing pivot adds to the seamless opening action.


  • Eye-Catching Design Elements: The blue backspacer and accents add a touch of class, making the knife not just a utility tool but also a piece of art.


Spotlight: CRKT P.S.D. Linerlock Black A/O


The CRKT P.S.D. Linerlock Black A/O (CR7920K) stands out as a masterful creation, showcasing the best of what CRKT has to offer. From its 4.63-inch closed length to the 3.63-inch blade, every inch of this knife screams perfection. The pocket clip and lanyard hole add to its everyday practicality.


Why CRKT P.S.D. Knives Should Be in Your Collection?


The CRKT P.S.D. Knives are more than just cutting tools. They are an expression of a lifestyle that values quality, efficiency, and aesthetics. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, a professional needing a reliable tool, or a collector, the P.S.D. series has something for everyone.


These knives are designed for those who seek the very best, for whom compromise is not an option. When you choose a P.S.D. knife, you're not just getting a blade; you're getting a piece of CRKT's commitment to excellence.


Join Knife Country USA in celebrating the best of knives. Explore the CRKT P.S.D. Knives series, where every cut is a statement of precision, strength, and durability.

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