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Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Axes


When it comes to amalgamating precision, durability, and design in outdoor tools, Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) stands out prominently. Introducing the robust collection of CRKT Axes, an assortment crafted for enthusiasts who demand more than just functionality.


The standout in our range is the Kangee T-Hawk, a 13.75-inch behemoth boasting a 7-inch black powder-coated SK5 carbon steel axe head. Designed meticulously by Ryan Johnson, its ergonomic GRN handle ensures it feels just right in the hand.


The RMJ Woods Chogan T-Hawk is another masterpiece. A lengthy 19.13-inch tool with an axe head forged from 1055HC steel, it comes with a trusty American Hickory handle. Add the hammer end for multipurpose applications, and you've got an axe that's as versatile as it is strong.


Those who prefer a classic touch would appreciate the Nobo Axe, which exudes a sense of tradition with its American Hickory handle. Still, its 1055HC steel axe head is as modern as they come.


The CRKT 2726 Jenny Wren Tomahawk is not just another axe. Sporting a 2.63-inch cutting edge on a 5.75-inch SK5 carbon steel head, its unique design and green sculpted GRN handle make it stand apart, visually and functionally.


From the Norse-inspired CRKT 2746 Freyr Axe to the striking CRKT 2736 Berserker Axe, each piece in this collection tells a story. Each axe, meticulously designed and crafted, is not just a tool but a testament to CRKT's dedication to quality.


Beyond mere tools, these axes are companions for your adventures. Whether it's the wilderness, a camping trip, or a backyard task, with a CRKT axe in hand, you're always prepared.


Explore the full range of CRKT Axes on our platform and experience the amalgamation of tradition, craftsmanship, and modern innovation. Each axe, whether crafted in Taiwan or China, stands as a beacon of quality assurance and CRKT's commitment to excellence.

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