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CRKT RMJ Tomahawk Series: A Seamless Blend of Power, Precision, and Heritage


Tomahawks have been integral tools in history, serving both as formidable weapons and valuable tools for survival. Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) pays tribute to this tradition with its CRKT RMJ Tomahawk Series, embodying strength, versatility, and design excellence.


Drawing from the age-old traditions of tomahawk design and infused with modern innovation, this series stands out as an exemplary collection for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Each tomahawk within this range exemplifies durability, balance, and impeccable craftsmanship, marking it as a must-have in any outdoor gear repertoire.


An epitome of CRKT's dedication to merging form and function is the RMJ Woods Chogan T-Hawk. Measuring a commanding 19.13 inches overall, its 4.25-inch axe head, crafted from resilient 1055HC steel, promises lasting sharpness and robust performance. The 3.5-inch cutting edge is perfectly balanced by the hammer end, making it versatile for various tasks. Completing the tomahawk's aesthetics and functionality is its American Hickory handle, known for its durability and comfortable grip.


Adding another feather to the RMJ Tomahawk Series' cap is the RMJ Woods Kangee T-Hawk. With an overall length of 19.13 inches, this tomahawk is a force to be reckoned with. The 9.5-inch 1055HC steel axe head, paired with a 3.25-inch cutting edge, guarantees efficient chopping and cutting actions. The American Hickory handle not only enhances the tomahawk's traditional look but also ensures a firm grip, making every swing count.


Behind the design of these tomahawks is Ryan Johnson, a name revered in the world of tactical tools and edged weapons. His expertise and passion reflect in each piece, ensuring that the RMJ Tomahawk Series isn't just about raw power but also about refined aesthetics.


In summary, the CRKT RMJ Tomahawk Series is more than just tools; they're a testament to history, craftsmanship, and innovation. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a survivalist, or someone who appreciates the fine blend of tradition and modernity, this series promises to deliver unparalleled performance and timeless elegance.


So, when the wilderness calls, arm yourself with a tomahawk from the CRKT RMJ Series – a companion that echoes tales of adventures and craftsmanship with every swing.

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