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Leg Pocket Knives

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Knives can have a purely aesthetic utility too! Yes, despite their intended purpose to cut, and help one overcome outdoor challenges, there is something visually engaging about knives. Leg knives are more for display purposes rather than being a useful outdoor or multi-dexterous utility tool.


Glimpse into History of Leg Pocket Knives


There isn’t much clarity about how Leg pocket knives became so popular. However, there is some certainty that Leg pocket knives came into existence during the latter half of the 19th century. Germany took the initiative in developing figural knives from the late 1800s onward. Leg pocket knives took shapes of many things from fish and dogs to wine bottles and pistols. Leg or specifically the Lady Leg with Shoe pattern knives was less common and mostly found during the late 1800s to the earlier part of 1900s. After a while, Leg Knives seemed to have lost favor while Shoe-styled Knives continued to gain prominence. Again, this was more for a collection purpose rather than for actual usage.


Leg Pocket Knives, Today

Leg pocket knives feature one or two foldable blades. Most of our customers use them as a part of their 19th century wardrobe ensembles. Knife collectors continue to look for Leg Pocket Knives to upgrade their collection. For many, each Leg Knife presents a certain piece of history. These are eagerly sought by collectors who continue their search for classic 3-inch stainless steel blades. Options include in the form of ivory, plastic, and other precious metals for making the handles. Often, the handles are embellished with inlays, carvings, or prints. The 440 Stainless Steel Clip Blade is easy-to-retract and durable. With bone or ivory accents, these knives come in handy for a limited range of non-offensive knife applications too.


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