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Muskrat Pocket Knives

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In terms of a  name that immediately catches one's attention, the Muskrat Pocket Knife is probably at the top of the pecking order. Its name instantly induces the notion of a knife built for the wilderness. This is true for the Muskrat Pocket Knife—most famous as a compact pocketknife with a very famous German variation.


Muskrat Pocket Knives:

  • There haven’t been many changes in the design of the Muskrat Pocket Knife.

  • For collectors, having Muskrat Pocket Knife means getting hold of an excellent piece of knifing craftsmanship.

  • Muskrat pocketknife models are generally two bladed—consisting of clip point and spey blade.

  • One variation comes with two clip point blades.

  • Whatever the configuration of a typical Muskrat, it will always remain a knife with a slightly S-shaped curve.

  • The Muskrat Pocket Knife boasts of razor-sharp stainless steel clip blade and a sturdy handle.

  • It is used for many applications, from gutting big game to cutting fruit, slicing through cords, or for everyday domestic repairs.

  • Despite such a wide range of applications, Muskrat Pocket Knives are popular because of the simplicity of their craftsmanship.

  • Muskrat Knives are recommended for our customers who are active in the outdoors, or just need a versatile knife for everyday use.



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