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Cheetah Pocket Knives

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A Cheetah Pocket Knife is perhaps one of the more misunderstood pocketknives. The first known documentation of the name ‘Cheetah’ for a knife surfaced during 1970s. Since then, this single–blade knife has carved a special place in the heart of knife aficionados!  Cheetah pocket knives are a bit unusual—the blade isn’t the most talked about feature. It has a distinctive style with its swing guard safety feature. Lately, knife collectors have taken a liking to its locking clip blade.


Contemporary Perception about Cheetah Knives

Today, our customers can buy Cheetah Pocket Knives with or without a swing guard. This kind of liberty is associated with its locking mechanism too. Recently, these pocketknives are being sold with a stamp of the alphabet ‘L’—this signifies the fact that they can effortlessly open a Cheetah Pocket Knife using a clip blade. In 2002, Case redesigned this Cheetah Pocket Knife with upgraded features, giving it a more contemporary presentation.


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