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Camillus Cutlery started its journey in 1876 and has been providing the world with reliable and innovative knives that have been widely loved among knife aficionados. Camillus Cutlery is known as one of the oldest knife manufacturers providing quality-made knives that have survived the test of time. The team at Camillus has been serving knife enthusiasts with its different range of hunting, fishing, sporting, and tactical knives.


Camillus Guise Knife Series features an assortment of knives that are appreciated by knife users across the globe. The series has a variety of drop point knives that can be used for cutting, puncturing, piercing, and attacking and for other hunting purposes. Titanium coated 420 stainless blades of these knives ensures ease of sharpening and corrosion resistance. Prym1 camo handle provides toughness to the tactical knives and helps in providing a comfortable grip during deployment. Camillus multi-utility knives are smartly designed with a thumb stud, that is basically a protrusion from the side of the blade which allows you to use your thumb to open the blade of the knife with one hand easily without consuming much of your time. The knives also have integrated pocket clip that helps you conveniently retrieving your knives and allows for secure storage.

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