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Master Your Environment with Anza SWAT Series Knives at Knife Country USA


Knife Country USA is proud to present the Anza SWAT Series Knives, a collection crafted for tactical efficiency and enduring performance. The SWAT series embodies the spirit of readiness and reliability, perfect for those who require gear that responds as strongly as they do in critical situations. These knives are designed with precision, making them indispensable for tactical, rescue, and outdoor applications.


The centerpiece of this collection is the Anza SWAT Fixed Blade Micarta. This knife features a robust 9.25-inch overall length and a 4.5-inch blade, expertly crafted from a high-quality file to ensure unmatched sharpness and durability.


Distinctive Features of the Anza SWAT Series Knife:


  • Blade Quality: The blade, forged from a file, offers exceptional edge retention and easy sharpening. Its 4.5-inch length provides the perfect balance of control and cutting power for all types of tasks.


  • Handle Design: Equipped with a black smooth Micarta handle, the knife ensures a secure grip in various environmental conditions, even when wet, making it a reliable choice for any mission.


  • Construction: The full, extended tang design enhances the knife’s strength and stability, integral for heavy-duty use. The inclusion of a lanyard hole adds versatility for carrying options.


  • Sheath: Every SWAT knife comes with a durable sheath, making it easy to carry safely and access quickly when needed.


Ideal Usage:


The Anza SWAT Series Knife is designed for professionals in law enforcement, military, and emergency services who demand a tool that can withstand rigorous use. It is also an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who appreciate a knife that can perform under pressure, whether it’s for camping, hiking, or survival scenarios.


At Knife Country USA, we understand the importance of having a dependable knife that meets the demands of professional and recreational use. The Anza SWAT Series is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, performance-driven knives. Our customers trust us to offer products that are not only effective but also designed to last.


Explore our Anza SWAT Series Knives and experience the pinnacle of tactical and utility knife design. Choose Anza for your next adventure or mission and feel the confidence that comes with having a top-tier knife at your side.

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